Zoe Ball’s 18 Years Old Son Woody Reveals He's Bisexual And Admits His Radio Presenter Mum Was Confused. bisexual, news, son, woody, zoe ball

Tuesday 29th January 2019
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Zoe Ball’s Son Woody Has Exposed He’s Bisexual And Admitted With His Radio Presenter Mum And She Gets Confused At First.

The 18-year-old Woody on 29 January 2019, spoke about his sexuality.

He admitted it during a candid interview and explain his behavior that he likes both boys and girls for three years.

His mum, Zoe Ball get surprised after the revelation of his sexuality.

Woody told Boys by Girls magazine: 'I told my mum and her first reaction was: "You can't be, you like girls?" with a face full of surprise and confusion.


Caption: Zoe Ball’s son Woody has exposed he’s bisexual and admitted with his radio presenter mum and she gets confused at first.


According to him, his friends know about it already and they immediately accepted him without any misbehave and they had been really supportive.

He explained:

We’ve come to a new age where sexuality is so much less of a thing. All my friends were really accepting at the time. I did get a bit of s**t at my school for a while, but at the end of the day, I don’t really care.


He also admitted that he hasn't been out with a boy till the date and now he is more attracted to girls.

He recalled:

I am bisexual. It’s something I’ve known for three years. I always felt, growing up, that I had all these thoughts and I just shook it off.  I haven’t been out with a guy yet, but maybe something could change that. At the moment it feels more natural with girls, but I’m also attracted to guys.

About the realization being bisexual, He states as :

Then one day I was at a party, and there was this girl I really liked who said: 'It’s a shame you’re not a girl, I’m only really into girls it’s great being gay. And I said ‘Yeah, I’m gay too, I’m bisexual.’ I just said it as a laugh at the time, but then the next day I woke up and thought, ‘Why did I say that?’



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