Why should we keep hope even after loosing the things that we wanted most?

Monday 12th September 2016

Being human beings when we compare our life with other living creatures,we all human beings feel ourself as the luckiest.We have the capacity of differentiating between good and bad,right and wrong,happiness and sadness...etc.We have the power of changing the world.Because of man's creation really the world is change.Nowdays the things that we are using in our life e.g mobiles,computers,washing machine,,,etc,these all are the inventions of the human beings.We have such power to create the things.

Really the life of human beings is the gift given by the god and it depends on us how we are living our life.Even if we don't have the things that we want but unknowingly we are getting the things that we really deserve.There are many resources and options around us which we can utilise so that our life will be fulfilled of happiness.But even knowing all these things we are not trying rather we want the things that are already prepared and ready to use.

Actually,our main problem is always comparing our life with others.Always we used to compare our life with others life.In this entire world all the human beings are different and awesome too.We have to accept the things that happened to us.Always we are worrying about loosing the things.But loosing some important things doesnot mean life stops.If we loose something so special which really we want to keep it with us,definitely we will get something other in its place which will be unplanned but it will be more beautiful later.So we shouldn't be afraid of loosing the things and even if we loose we shouldn't give up and still we have to keep the hope.The main reason of sadness is that daily we all are busy copying our life with others but we should know that in the exam of life we all have different question papers and we have to solve it ourself and if we copy from others surely we have to lose.

Continuing our struggle,fulfilling our responsibilities,being faithful and discipline,being dedicated to our work,loving the living creatures,spreading happiness are some of the ways to be happy in life.So we should not be sad on small things.We should be strong.We have to solve our problems ourself.Being weak and showing weakness to others will not help in solving the problems of life.We should be positive on each and everything.Regreting on past and thinking more about the future will create more problems.So we should make our present happy and beautiful.Let past be past and we havenot seen future.So live in present.Try to enjoy each second of the life because the time is moving on its way.At any cost we can't get the time that had already passed.So be happy,continue your works and keep hope.

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