Why should we have balanced diet?

Wednesday 14th September 2016

The things which have life in them are known as living things.Certainly we all are aware of the general characteristics of the living things i.e living things breathe,move,feel,need food  and reproduce.And for all those things they need energy and to get energy they need food to eat.For their proper activity and proper growth they need proper amount and proper types of food.While talking about humans,human beings are the complete creation among all the living things.So,for their proper growth.their creativity they need balanced diet.Actually balanced means those kinds of food which contains proper amount of nutrients such as carbohydrates,vitamins,fat,proteins, and minerals.

A balanced is important for each and every human beings of all the age because our organs need proper amount of nutrients to work effectively and efficiencly.Today's generation are very busy.They are busy on their education,work,research,struggle for their problems as well as to build their carrier.So They are not able to give time for themselves.Because of the lack of time they are not able to care on their food as well.Eating readymade things will be easy for them but it will seriously affect directly on our health.But we must know that proper food is needed for our good health.Without good nutrition ,our body is more prone to disease,infection,fatigue and poor performance.Person with poor diet run the risk of proper growyh and developmental problems and poor academic performance.A healthy diet is that type of food that helps to maintain overall health.For the healthy diet we should eat proper amounts of vegetables,fruits,meats,fish,eggs,nuts,beans,grain foods,milk yoghurt and the food rich in fibre such as soyabean,banana etc.

A healthy eating plan gives our body the nutrients it needs everyday.So we should make our daily plan on the eating matters.A healthy eating plan will lower our risk for heart disease and other health condition.A balanced diet lowers our risk of developing a range of chronic diseases and keeps our body functioning properly.Increament of consumption of fruit and vegetable promotes healthy blood pressure and lower risk of disease like cancer.Decrement of consumption of saturated fat intake help protecting our heart and eating fiber riched foods will helo in lowering cholesterol,A healthy diet provides proper amounts of vitamins and nutrients which are essential for growth.

Being knowledge about the balanced diet but not following the proper eating habit will surely be not good for the health.We should eat proper amount of balanced time in proper time.Overeating as well as undereating is not good for health.Overeating habit will make us lazy and fat whereas undereating habit will make us lean and thin.It's better to avoid skipping breakfast.We shouldnot stay with hungry stomach.It's not good for health.

So we should make proper routine of eating habit on proper time so we will be physically and mentally healthy.With balanced diet exercise also play vital role in being healthy.So doing regular  exercise with proper food will make our body fit,healthy and free from diseases.Health is wealth.If we are healthy of course we will be able to do any work.We will get real happiness because being healthy means being happy.

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