Which will be better,being married or single?

Monday 12th September 2016

The earth is only planet where the life exits.Because of the suitable atmosphere and temperature life is possible on the earth,Among all the living creatures,there are the human beings who has the power of thinking,emotions and feelings,creativity and also have perfections too.Human beings are the creation of the god.

To make this perfect human beings life be long lasting and happiness our society follows the culture of marriage.Actually the meaning of marriage is to conjugate the two different life's together.It may take place in different ways in different religion but the purpose of the marrige is same everywhere and for everyone.Marriage is not compulsory because being single also we can enjoy our life.Actually when we look daily routine of the married and single person we may found single person more happy and more confident.Even staying single has its own advantage.We cannot be forced to marry.Being single we shouldnot have to compromise on the things,we can live freely,we can live our life in our way,there will be noone to disturb on our carrier.Our priority will be only climbing the carrier ladder.Today's generation are almost well educated,talented and creative so noone of us will wish to waste our talent and capabilities by taking breaks to start our family.So being single also we can manage our life ourself.Being single we will be self dependent and automatic self confidence will create on us.But getting all those things that we want,being successful in the life and building the carrier obivously we will need someone to cheer our happiness and our success.We will need family to celebrate.Yeah this is true we may have some friends but we can't be sure that we can get their time.




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