What qualities should we look before choosing a person as a life partner ?

Sunday 18th December 2016

In our whole life period we have to face different situation and we have to come across the different stage.Among all the situations to handle most complex comes on the time of choosing the life partner.Marriage is the begining of the new life and to choose the partner to live  together is really not the easy task.It is the biggest decision that anyone will ever make in his/her life,Choosing a life partner means choosing everything because after our marriage we have to share our all the things.Upto the end of our life we have to be with him/her.So we should be careful because we are making the decision for our whole life.Marriage is a big life decision that anyone should not make without a lot of thought.Almost on many peoples case they used to take their decision in hurry or may be without being serious so they later realise and used to be unhappy on their decision.However it's useless to regret instead it's better to manage it because in that case compromise will helps a lot.Habit of compromising for each others happiness,managing the situation and trying to be adjust in any situation will helps to make any relation longlasting.However for an unmarried person it's better to know some qualities they should find before choosing their life partner.Here are some of the qualities that a person should have before choosing him/her as a life partner:

  • Firstly decide whether you could trust him/her or not.If you can truly trust someone,be sure every problems of your conjugal life will be easily solved.
  • He/she should have the ability to talk about the future together.
  • He/She should have interest in each others life.
  • He/She should not be a liar rather its good to tell everything truth because it hurts more when they will know the truth later.
  • Certainly on the way of life its impossible to get all the situations romantic and easy,sometimes there may some problems and tensions.So the person should be able to forgive and forget.
  • Choose the person who will love you for who you are and you shouldnot change yourself for him/her.
  • He/She must have the sense of humour.
  • He/She must be self discipline because it's the prime qualities should have in every human beings.
  • He/She should have the ability to see the good things even in the bad things.
  • Be sure whether you will get respect from him/her or not because love without respect is meaningless.
  • He/She should be realistic.
  • Anyone comparing you with anyother will surely leaves in the difficult condition,so be aware of this.
  • Patience is needed becuse surely to be anythings good it takes time.
  • Lastly remember noone is perfect so he/she should have the habit of accepting even his/her bad qualities with good ones.


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