What is IELTS?

Sunday 18th December 2016

IELTS is the international english language testing system which is designed to test the english skills of the candidates who wants to study or work where english is the major language of communication.Every candidates should achieve the band score that was needed for the university or institute that they want to join.There are four modules of the IELTS.IELTS exam will take 2hours40mins.The four modules of the IELTS are:

  1. Listening test.
  2. Reading test.
  3. Writing test.
  4. Speaking test.

In the IELTS listening there will be 4section and there will be 40 items.For the listening test you will get altogether 40mins,30 mins for listening and 10mins for transferring the answers in the answer sheet.You have to write the answer as you listein because whole the recording will be played only at a once.

In the IELTS reading there will be 3section and there will be 40 items.For the reading test you will get 60 mins and no extra time will be given to write the answers in the answer sheet so you have to manage your time within the 60mins.

In the IELTS writing there will be 2tasks and you will get 60 mins for it.Maximum marks will be given from the task 2 so its better to spend more time on task 2 than on task 1.You can manage time as 20 mins for task 1 and 40 mins for task 2.

The IELTS speaking test will not be on the same day but it will be 1-2 days before or after the exam.The total time for speaking will be 11-14 mins.The examiner will ask in three series.First part will be the introductory part and the examiner may take 4-5 mins for it,secondly they will give a topics to describe and for this they give 1 mins to think about the topics given by them and in total it takes 3-4 mins and finally there will be the discussion related to the previous topics as in second part and it takes about 4-5 mins.

In this way IELTS exam completes and you will get result within two weeks.If you couldn't get the scores as you wanted don't worry,you do not have to wait for it.If you want you can take the exam at the next test sitting and there is no limits to the number of times you want to sit for the IELTS exam.You can apply to take the IELTS exam at any IELTS administration center.

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