What are the negative effect of sending child school at early age ?

Thursday 22nd December 2016

In the world,there are many countries where children start school at the early age.It is really beneficial to send the child school at early age for the single parent family as well as for the housewife who already has other children.But when considering only the child it harms them.Some of the negative effect of sending child school at early age are mentioned below:

  • If the child was sent to school before his/her proper age and mentally able to adopt the environment they really get more stressed .As that was the age of the child to have proper care fom their parents but because of the schooling environment they can not get such a environment at the school which really increase their stress and this may be hazardous for them for their future.

  • Because of the small age they really feels hesitate.The habit of hesitation while talking with teachers and friends can continue and it may be possible that they really can not cooperate with their friends ,teachers as well as other person in the society on the future.

  • The" Study of early child care and Youth development ",supported by the National Institute of Child health and Human Development said that children who spend time in day care may be more aggressive than children who spend no time in day care.Thus the child tend to be more aggressive on sending the school.

  • Because of their immature age it will be really difficult for them to understand what teachers taught them and because of them feeling of weakness may arise on them.

  • It decrease the bond between parents and child because this was the period when child wants enough love and care from their parents because after their growth they have to run away here and there for their study and carrier.But the feelings on them of not getting the love from their parents could decrease the bond between the parents and child which directly affects the family relation.

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