What are the effects of modern life style on individual and society ?

Tuesday 20th December 2016

With the growth of ages,peoples way of living have been changing day by day.When we compare our present lifestyle with the lifestyle that people used to have at the past,we may gets a lots changes.As this changes is really good because it has brought positive effect such as :gender equality,independency,remove cast descrimination and superstition as well as increment of literacy rate.However this modern life style had brought many negative effect among the individual and society.Some negative effect of the changing in the lifestyle are mentioned below:

  • At the present,cooperation among the society is not as much as before:Nowadays almost most of the people are busy on their own profession so its really hard for them to manage their time for the society and free talk with the persons of their society.This lack of communication makes the individual self centered and its hazardous for the unity among the society which is one of the most important needness for any society .

  • Most people are stressed :Because of the modernisation people needs high income source to maintain their lifestyle which really gives people stressed.As well as because of the high expectation of the people for their carrier and fear of unsuccessful is also the reason for stress.This is one of the negative effect because stress mostly disturb persons relation with his/her family ,and without good relation in the family people would not be able to get quality of life.

  • Excessive usage of technology:In recent years the decelopments in information technology have been dramatic.The internet,one of the most significant developments in IT,have a very powerful influence.As it has its own advantages but because of its misuse nowadays it has been used for illegal activities such as pornography or information theft.As more and more peopl are accessing it and now they are very addicted on using e-mail or chat lines,because of which face to face communication had been reduced which is directly affecting the human relationship .And also overuse of this type of technology by the young people is disturbing their education which results the decrease of skilled manpower in the country because of which country has to suffer.

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