What are the benefits of aloe vera ?

Thursday 15th September 2016

We can use aloe vera for various proposes . It has a numerious benifits to our health. It works as a very good medicines. Some benefits are given below :

1. Applying aloe vera gel  in face helps to brighten our face. it also helps to reduce acne from your face . for this you can gently massage aloe vera gel on ur face and leave for sometimes and wash with clean water. it also helps to grow your hair and helps in looking your hair beautiful. we can also find this in different shampoos  in the market.

2. it contains many vitamins and minerals . eating aloe vera helps in digestion and helps in purifying liver. it also helps in effects of ageing . for this you will have to peel  the outer cover and eat the gel . do not forget to wash aloe vera after you take  from your garden.

3. aloe vera is very helpful for skin problems . if we take aloe vera juice regularly it is sure that you will slowly get rid of many skin problems as well as other problems . 


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