What are the advantages and disadvantages of facebook ?

Monday 19th December 2016

Facebook,which is one of the important invention of the scientist is one of the popular social sites which is used by billions of people.However,as we know that everythings contains its own advantages and disadvantages,facebook also is effective from one point of view while there are many negative impacts of facebook on individuals and on the society.Lets discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of facebook.


  • As it is one of the means of communication,it really plays important roles on connecting the people of different places and even of different countries.As being far from our relatives,family and  friends we are able to be in touch with them which really helps to share our feelings and remove our loneliness.
  • For the business purpose also its really convenient,as it really helps in advertising for ex:we can find different online shopping centre as well as different newly produce product which really helps to promote the business.Now
  • Nowadays maximum people are connected with it so its really helpful to make them known of any accidents for ex may be the missing of any persons or may be lost of our valuable product.
  • Sometimes it really helps when there is the lack of time but we have to send some informations to many persons at a time.We can easly forward our message to many persons at a time.
  • It is really helpful for discussing the things for ex:discussing about specific things with many people .We can easily discuss by making a group on facebook.


  • Because of the facebook nowadays people communicate with their friends,family and relatives in online and they avoid meeting them.Therefore people's bond among with others is not so strong and supportive.
  • We can see many people in the society who donot want to know about the problems of society but they just are just  spending  their time in onlime with people they have never met face to face and who are unlikely to meet in the future.
  • As people share their many private and secret things but we can find many peoples later regreting about it  by suffering from the hackers hacking their account and password.
  • Nowadays many youngsters are using it ,not only in good way but by chatting almost most time,making unusual friends as well as sharing their all the things which is really not good.
  • Different fake accounts which may be made with bad intension and it will really create problems so we must be care about them and its good not to include them in our friend list .

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