Vanessa Hudgens Get Engaged To Austin Butler On Her Birthday.

Monday 18th December 2017 austin butler birthday boyfriend engaged vanessa hudgens

The beautiful Vanessa Hudgens has been sporting a very distinctive ring on on her left ring finger since around her 29th birthday on Dec. 14 and we can’t help wondering if, this year, Austin decided to give her the best present of all — a proposal! Granted, from the photos she’s shared it’s clearly not what most consider a traditional engagement ring. By that we mean it’s clearly not a diamond ring. But Vanessa is hardly a traditional kinda girl!

The ring in question has a definite vintage vibe. It’s clearly a cameo ring but the exact details are tough to make out. Could something like this be what a girl like Vanessa would want if Austin got down on one knee? We certainly think it’s in the realm of possibility! Her fashion ranges from seriously bohemian to high-fashion glamour and everything in between!

Also, she and the 26-year-old crooner have dated for quite some time! This adorable twosome started dating in Sept. of 2011! If they are engaged, and that’s a big if, they hardly raced to the altar! And ever since these two found each other, they’ve been all about sharing their romance with their fans! So, it only makes since that they would let us know if they decided to get hitched, right? So let us know. Please!


And then this happened ???????????????? ???? @mflyons

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