US Army Medic Accused Of Raping One Of His 9-Month-Old Twin Daughters Before Strangling Her

Monday 20th November 2017 army battle doctor nine-month-old twin girls strangling her

It's puzzling how any parent could kill a child yet this case is really horrendous. Christopher Conway, a 22-year-old US Army battle doctor based out of Tennessee's Fort Campbell has been captured and accused of fiercely assaulting one of his nine-month-old twin girls, then strangling her with a cord. At 7:19am on Nov. 14, a 911 call was put from the family home and somebody said that CPR was being performed on the newborn child. Paramedics hurried the infant to a neighborhood healing center in Clarksville, TN, where she was  pronounced  dead 40 minutes after entry. The wedded father was captured and later admitted to the  horrific crimes, however the thought process is as yet unknown.

Conway has been tied to a knot with Emily for a long time and the couple welcomed their first children, when the twin young ladies were conceived back in February. Facebook photographs demonstrate him playing with the babies and appearing to be a glad father to the infants. Which is the reason it is unthinkable to the point that he purportedly sexually ambushed one of the young ladies at that point and  strangled her to death. The other twin was taken away by the Department of Children's Services and set in a foster home for now.

The father was formally accused with aggravated child rape and homicide on Nov. 15  and was at first set up for Montgomery County Jail on $100,000 bond for the assault charge. However, a judge denied him abandon the murder accusation so Conway will sit in the slammer for quite a while.This could transform into a capital punishment case, which is one reason the judge needs him bolted up and not free on safeguard. This wrongdoing is really inconceivable, how a father could purportedly submit such horrendous follows up on his own blameless infant.

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