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Backlinks are one of the most used terms in Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). On talking about backlinks, When a webpage links to any other page, it’s called a backlink. They are incoming links to a webpage. Backlinks were the major metric for the ranking of a webpage.  A page with a lot of backlinks tended to rank higher on all major search engines, including Google, Bing and many others.

Along with Backlinks, there are some common terms related to backlinks that we should know. They are:

  • Link Juice: When any webpage links to any of our website’s page, it passes “link juice”. Link juice helps with the ranking of the article, and also improves the domain authority.
  • No-Follow Link:  When a website links to another website, but the link has a no-follow tag, that link does not pass link juice. No-follow links are not useful concerning the ranking of a page as they do not contribute anything.
  • Do-Follow Link: By default, all the links that we add to a blog post are do-follow links and these pass link juice.
  • Linking Root Domains:  This indicates the number of backlinks coming into your website from a unique domain.
  • Low-Quality Links: Low-quality links are links that come from harvested sites, automated sites, spam sites, or even porn sites. Such links do far more harm than good. So we should be careful while buying backlinks.
  • Internal Links:  Links that are going from one page to another within the same domain are called internal links.
  • Anchor Text:  Text that is used for hyperlinks is called anchor text. Anchor text also helps in the ranking of a webpage on a particular keyword.

There are lots of advantages of creating backlinks. It helps in Improving Organic Ranking,  Faster Indexing, Referral Traffic.

There are different ways to get backlinks. Some of them we'll discuss here.

  1. Write awesome articles:  Articles written based on proper research and practical examples helps to get backlinks.
  2. Start commenting:  Commenting on any blog helps to get solid one-way backlinks as well as more traffic and better search engine visibility.
  3. Submit to web directories:  Submitting blog to web directories is another easy way to get backlinks. But to get websites that create high pr authority backlinks is really difficult. But no worries we are here to help you. Here are some of the websites that provide free and powerful high pr authority backlinks.



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