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Do you know about famous singer Taylor Swift? What is her age, net worth and height? Know about her personal life and career.

Taylor Swift is famous singer and songwriter who had made a reputation of being the most versatile singer. Taylor has gained many fans and awards at such a young age. Taylor’s songs are huge hits as she narrates her personal feelings which captivate the audience. Taylor came into international limelight with her songs “You belong with me”, “Love story”. Her success rose to a new height when her song “Blank space”, “Bad blood” became famous in US, Australia and all over the world. Taylor launches new song in the gap of few months. Her latest album was “Reputation” featuring “Look what you made me do”, “Delicate” became an instant hit.

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How was Taylor Swift early life?

Taylor Swift was born as Taylor Alison Swift. She hails from Pennsylvania, USA. She was born in December 1989 which makes her age 28 at the current date. Her family consists of her father, mother and her brother. She is the eldest daughter. Taylor’s father was a financial advisor and her mother was a homemaker. Taylor was interested in singing from the tender age of nine. She learned to play the guitar at the age of 12. Taylor went for auditions during her teenage years. As result, she was homeschooled. She graduated from Aaron Academy while auditioning for a singing career.


Taylor Swift struggles with success

Taylor started her career by auditioning as a singer. Her first album did not give her much popularity but helped her earned few awards. It was her second album Fearless that paved a road of success for her. The songs sung by her drew the attention of fans. “White horse”, “You belong to me” gained number one slot on most of the charts. Taylor writes the lyrics of her songs by herself. The lyrics describe her personal journey musically. Taylor rose to a new height when her new song “Blank space” was released in 2014. The lyrics of “Blank Space” was a vague explanation of Taylor’s relationship. “Blank space” topped the Billboard charts. “Blank space” showcased Taylor as a crazy girlfriend but it won hearts of many fans as it roughly demonstrated the media image of Taylor.

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Taylor has not lagged behind in giving hits. She has the charisma of telling different stories in every new song. At the age of 27, she released her album titled “Reputation”. “Reputation” was a successful album which became an international sensation in few weeks. “Reputation” was able to sell millions of copies worldwide. It was one of the best-selling albums in 2017.  The most famous song from “Reputation” was “Delicate”. The lyrics of “Delicate” was penned down by Taylor herself.  The song “Delicate” was a commercial and critical success. The story of “Delicate” revolves around the celebrity life of Taylor. Taylor portraits herself in the music video of “Delicate” signifying a life where it is hard to be free and open.


What is the net worth of Taylor Swift? What is her height?

Taylor is a magnificent person adorned with many talents. There is no doubt that Taylor has a wonderful voice but she possesses good acting skills too. Her acting is regarded as realistic and attractive in her music videos. In addition to singing, Taylor writes the lyrics of her songs mostly by herself. All these traits of Taylor have helped her achieved a vast net worth. The singer with a height of 5 feet 10 inch enjoys a vast net worth of 380 million dollars. She accumulates a hefty amount from her every album. Taylor engages herself in concerts, tours, modelling which helped her to achieve the huge net worth.

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Know about Taylor Swift relationship. Is she dating or single?

Taylor has been in relationships many times. She takes inspiration from her relationships for her songs. It has been noted that her songs narrate a relation she had with her particular boyfriend.  She was dating singer Joe Jonas during 2008. The couple split after few months of dating. Taylor was in the news for being romantically linked with her co-star Lucas Till from “You belong with me”.  The relation was short lived. Taylor dated Harry Styles from One Direction in 2012. The relation gained huge media attention as both were successful leading singers. The relationship did not last long as they separated after few months. The singer has been single for now. She is not dating anyone nor is she married. She is enjoying the best part of her career in current time.

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Caption: Taylor Swift with Harry Styles


Is Taylor Swift active on social media? Follow her on facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Taylor Swift is active on social media like Instagram, twitter and facebook. Taylor has about 7 million followers on Facebook, 85.6 million followers on Twitter and 108 million followers on Instagram. To know about his daily life, follow Andre on social media.

Facebook:  facebook.com/TaylorSwift

Twitter:  twitter.com/taylorswift13

Instagram:  instagram.com/taylorswift


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