Selena Gomez Is More Happy With Justin Bieber, Then What Is Her Reason Behind Still ‘Thinking’ About The Weeknd.

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2017 started off as such a fresh start for Selena Gomez's love life. Just a few weeks into the new year the 25-year-old was spotted putting on major PDA with The Weeknd, 27, and that led to a seemingly blissful 10-month romance. Until ex Justin Bieber, 23, swooped back into her life in late October to reclaim his former love. Now her holiday plans are completely unexpected. “Selena is not ending her year the way she anticipated at all. She was expecting to spend the holidays with The Weeknd, he was invited to be with her and her family and they had all kinds of plans. But instead, she’s making different plans with Justin. It’s not something she ever saw coming, but she’s happier than she has ever been,” a source explained.

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"Still, she can’t help but think about The Weeknd at times. It bothers her that their friendship kind of fell apart and she does hope they can fix it. But mostly her mind is on Justin and how happy they are right now,” the source adds. Selena raised eyebrows when she told Billboard magazine in November that her breakup with The Weeknd was a friendly one, even though he proved it was the opposite by scrubbing her from all of his social media and stopped following her.

“Something that I’m really proud of is that there’s such a true friendship [between me and The Weeknd]. I truly have never experienced anything like that in my life. We ended it as best friends, and it was genuinely about encouraging and caring [for each other], and that was pretty remarkable for me,” she told the mag. Well, it wasn’t the same for him as he erased any trace of her from his life. It seemed like he was pretty blindsided when Justin showed up back in her life out of the blue after years apart in late Oct. and just a few days later Selena announced her separation from the “Starboy” singer.  Oh well, as her song goes “The Heart Wants What It Wants” and for Selena it’s Justin.

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