Selena Gomez get bored from her single life after splitting with Justin Bieber. Is there someone for whom she feels? What is she planning for? justin bieber, selena gomez

Wednesday 29th August 2018 actress singer
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American actress Selena Gomez has been living her best single life ever after been splitting from her boyfriend Justin Bieber. But now she’s feeling ready to take the next step and find true love in a long-term commitment after all she’s learned. “Selena has a new plan when it comes to getting over Justin and preparing for a future without him,” a source close to Selena told. “She is making her self-care the priority, she wants to become the very best version of herself so that she can attract the right life partner. She is focused on letting all her baggage go and is doing more work on herself than ever. She is also making having fun with her friends a big priority.”

Caption: Selena Gomez and her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

 “She’s working out a lot and eating really healthy but she’s also letting herself indulge too, she’s making happiness and feeling good the priority,” the source continued. “Being creative and doing her art always makes her feel her best so that is a big focus now too. She is really throwing herself into her career and her next album and that’s helping to take her mind off Justin too".

 “Selena feels like she’s on the right path and ready to prepare herself for the next love of her life,” the source explained. “It’s not an overnight change though, there are times that it’s still a struggle for Selena to keep her mind off Justin and to deal with his sudden engagement with Hailey [Baldwin]. But her new focus on self-care, with the goal of making herself healthy and strong again so that when she meets her next boyfriend, she will be in a good place".

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