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Who is Sean McDonough? What is his current age, height and net worth? Know about his career life, education life and family life as we have prepared for you.

Sean McDonough is a famous and popular American sportscaster. Sean McDonough is currently employed by the famous channel named "ESPN". Sean McDonough is well known and recognized for covering the "World Series", "NCAA Final Four", "the Olympic Games" and all four major golf championship and much more throughout his career.

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When was Sean McDonough born? What is his current age? Know about his family life and early life.

Sean McDonough was born on 13 May 1962. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United State. Sean McDonough is recently at the age of 56 years old. Sean McDonough holds the citizenship of the United State of America and he is of white ethnicity. Sean McDonough has the eye colour of brown. Sean McDonough is the son of the famous and popular Boston Globe sportswriter. Sean McDonough father name is "Will McDonough". Sean McDonough hasn't revealed much information about his family life on the internet. Sean McDonough was raised by his family in the United State of America along with his siblings. Sean McDonough mother and siblings identity has not been disclosed until today.

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Sean McDonough journey towards his career life. Where did he attend his education life?

Sean McDonough started his education life by attending from the famous university named "Syracuse University" in the year 1984. Sean McDonough started his telecom profession in the year 1982 as the play by play host for the Syracuse Chiefs of the international league. Later, Sean McDonough started in broadcasting the famous and popular "Boston Red Sox" diversions on WSBK-TV. Sean McDonough was also an Ivy League football commentator for PBS.


Sean McDonough started his career by providing commentary for sporting broadcast. It includes men's and women's college basketball, The Master, and PGA Championship. It also included US Open Tennis and the NFL. Sean McDonough has contributed to CBS cover of the Olympic Winter Games and has also worked for 10 years for NCAA men's basketball tournament. Sean McDonough was also the lead captain of college football play by play announcer from the year 1997 until the year 1999. Radio is also known as one of his best work he has done NFL games for ESPN Radio from the year 2013 until the year 2015. Sean McDonough has also worked for CBS Sports in the year 1990 where he has broadcasted three winters Olympic and ice hockey in the year 1998. CBS sports President announced Sean McDonough that his contract would be renewed in the year 1999. Sean McDonough is also the president and founder of "Sean McDonough Charitable Foundation" with a nearly given donation of $3 Million to 129 children's charities. Sean McDonough has recently signed a new contract for the role MNF lead announcer in the year 2016.

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Sean McDonough personal life. Know about his relationship status and love affairs. Is he still dating or not? Or Is he gay? What are his height and weight?

Talking about the relationship status and love affair of the talented Sean McDonough, he hasn't revealed much information regarding his personal life on the internet. Sean McDonough is mostly interested in the game of sports then the game of romance. There is no information about Sean McDonough married life on the internet. There are no rumours about his married life and no any records of him having a wife. Sean McDonough is also not a gay. Sean McDonough hasn't also revealed the information about his height and weight on the internet.


How much is Sean McDonough Net worth? Know about his salary as well.

The talented Sean McDonough is also known as one of the top paid announcers. As per the wiki, it has been estimated that Sean McDonough has the net worth of $2 Million as of 2018. Sean McDonough hasn't revealed the information about his salary on the internet. Sean McDonough salary has not been disclosed until today.


Is Sean McDonough Active on social media sites? Follow him on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to know about his daily life activities.

Sean McDonough has no interest in creating social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Sean McDonough hasn't been much familiar with social media accounts till today. Sean McDonough has no social media account such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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