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Do you know about the famous actor Robert Sheehan? Know about his age, height and much more information. Robert Sheehan information that we have prepared for you.

Robert Sheehan is a famous and popular actor. Robert Sheehan is best known for his roles in the movies and the TV series, Misfits, Cherrybomb and Killing Bono. Robert Sheehan real name is "Robert Michael Sheehan". Robert has also been nominated for the title of "IFTA" for 3 times from the start of the year 2003 and within today. Robert Sheehan is getting appropriate feedback from his performances. Robert Sheehan has also played a role in a comic play. "The Playboy of the Western World" at the Old Vic Theater.

Caption: Robert Sheehan at his early age.

When was Robert Sheehan born? What is his current age? Know about his family life and early life.

Robert Sheehan was born on 7 January 1988. He was born in Portlaoise, Ireland. he is at the age of 30 to date. Robert Sheehan lies under Capricorn zodiac sign. Robert Sheehan holds the citizenship of Ireland and he is of  Caucasian ethnicity. Robert Sheehan was born on the family of Marla and Joe. Robert Sheehan is the youngest among his two siblings named " Shauna Sheehan and Brendan Sheehan". Robert Sheehan has also learned to play many instruments like Banjo, Bodhran and many more at the early age.


Robert Sheehan journey towards his career life. Where did he attend his education life?

Robert Sheehan started his education life by attending at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology at the age of 17. Robert Sheehan started his career life as an actor. Robert Sheehan started his career life by making a debut in the year 2003 from a popular short movie named "An Cuainin". Robert Sheehan has also played a role in an Irish drama movie named "Song for a Raggy Boy by Aisling Walsh". Sheehan also made his TV debut from the Australian TV programme, "Foreign Exchange". Sheehan appeared in many tv series including Young Blades, Bel’s Boys, Rock Rivals, Coming Up, and many more. Sheehan also appeared in the movies like Shostwood, Cherrybomb, Demons Never Die, Killing Bono and Three Summers among others. Robert Sheehan superhit movie named "Misfits" was released in the year 2009. He has also played in the movie named "Geostorm and Mute" in the year 2018.

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Robert Sheehan personal life. Know about his relationship status and love affairs. Is he still dating or not? What is his net worth and salary?

Robert Sheehan is recently single and not dating anyone. Robert Sheehan was in a relationship and was dating a famous actress and model named "Sofia Boutella" in the year 2014. He and his girlfriend split up in the same year. Before, Robert Sheehan was dating "Leonie Kranzie" in the year 2010 and "Taylor Kranzle". Robert height is 6 feet tall and he weighs approx 72 kg. As per wiki sources, it has been estimated that Robert Sheehan has the net worth of $2 million to date. Robert Sheehan has worked very hard and struggled a lot in order to reach that amount of net worth in his career life. Robert Sheehan hasn't revealed any information about his salary on the internet or to the media to date. Robert Sheehan salary has been disclosed by him till today.

Caption: Robert Sheehan with his ex-girlfriend Sofia together.

Is Robert Sheehan active on social media sites? Know about Robert Sheehan daily life by following him on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Robert Sheehan has always been active on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. Robert Sheehan has a huge number of fans on his social media sites. Robert Sheehan has over 35K followers on "Instagram" and over 33K followers on "Facebook". He has over 257K followers on Twitter.

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