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Robert Hawking is a British software engineer. He is famous as the first son of the famous physicist, cosmologist, author, and Professor Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane Wilde Hawking. According to the source, there is really a strong bond between him and his family. As an elder son, Robert takes care of his father Stephen, who suffered from ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Robert also has siblings but in Stephen family, Robert is the only child who showed interest in science and research. Currently, he works as a software engineer at Microsoft.

Caption: Robert Hawking with his dad Stephen Hawking


Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. - Prof. Stephen Hawking


Early Life, Bio, Wiki Of Robert Hawking. Know About His Age, Childhood, Parents, And Siblings.

Robert was born in May 1967 as the elder son of his father Stephen Hawking and mother Jane Wilde Hawking. He is currently at the age of 52. His father Stephen Hawking was a famous scientist, author, and physicist who is famous worldwide because of his theories, inventions and discoveries in his lifetime. Although he is no more with us he is still alive in our heart. 

On talking about Robert's siblings he has one sister, Lucy Hawking who is a famous journalist, educator, and novelist and one brother, who works for The Lego Group. His parents divorced in 1995 and Stephen married to his nurse Elaine Mason in 1995. One year later, in 1996 his mother Jane also married Jonathan Jones. But the bond between Stephen with his ex-wife and kids were so strong that even after divorce they took full care of Stephen. Even up to the last stage, Robert with his mother and siblings shows full concern about Stephen health.

Caption: Robert at his very young age


Robert Hawking's Career. Path To Success.

Engineer Robert, after completing his graduation from the prestigious ‘University of Oxford.' began working as a software engineer with Microsoft. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington, the USA, with his wife and children, where he works for Microsoft. Since from his childhood, Robert was keen on science and research his father had once said," Robert was occupied with science as a child".

As the eldest son of a scientist, many people have expected that Robert would follow his father's profession. In childhood, he also has expressed his desire to become a scientist like his father, but later he choose a different field as a software engineer. Whatever, everything happens for a good reason and now he is a famous software specialist who works with Microsoft, one of the top software company at present.

Caption: Owner of Microsoft Bill Gates with Robert's dad Stephen Hawking


Robert Hawking's Net Worth. How Much He Earns?

Software engineer Robert, son of Stephen is one of the highest paid personality with a net worth in millions. Although as a child he was interested in science and research but later he started to work in a software company Microsoft. According to a source, his net worth is estimated to be $5 million. In comparison to his father Stephen, his net worth is four times less since his dad had an estimated net worth of $20 million. Robert is a very hardworking and sincere person, who works with positive attitudes and thinks creatively. He lives a very luxurious life. However, his salary is under the review but as he works in Microsoft, he certainly makes a good amount of money. Currently, Robert lives in Seattle, Washington, the USA, with his wife and children.


Robert Hawking's Personal Life. About His Wife, Married Life, And Kids.

Moving towards his personal life, Robert Hawking is confidential and wants to keep his personal life very private. He loves staying away from the limelight, media, and rumors. On talking about his relationship, Robert is a married man but there is not any information available about his wife and married life. The information about his life also seems to be private. Robert with his wife has two kids, a son, and a daughter. At present, Robert lives in Seattle, Washington, the USA, with his wife and children. Except this, there is not any other information available about his personal life, wife, and kids but it seems that he is enjoying his married life. There are not any rumors about his divorce and separation with his wife. There are not any images available of Robert with his wife and kids.


Robert Hawking's Body Measurement. Height, Weight, And Bio.

Robert Hawking is a very private person hence there is not any information available about his height and weight. He is currently at the age of 52 but he looks very handsome. He is a married man and heterosexual. Although his birthplace is the United Kingdom, at present he lives in the United States with his wife and children.

Caption: Robert Hawking looks very young even he is 52 by age


Robert Hawking on Social Media. Robert's Profile On Facebook, Instagram, And Twitter.

There are some accounts named Robert Hawking but we are not sure whether it is his own or fake. But some source states that he is active on social media like Instagram and Twitter. At present, we are unable to state anything about his presence or absence in a social networking site like Instagram and Twitter. However, his bio has been updated in various websites.

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