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Know about the famous model “Raffaella Fico”. What is her current age, boyfriend, net worth and many more?  Know about Raffaella Fico steps to success in life as we have prepared for you.

Raffaella Fico is a famous and popular Italian singer, showgirl and model. Raffaella Fico has made headlines with her ties to various media frenzies. Raffaella Fico was rose into fame as a cast member on the 8th season of the famous and popular "Italian version of "Big Brother". Raffaella Fico has also claimed to sell her virginity for one million euros. Later, Raffaella Fico claimed that it was a publicity stunt.


Raffaella Fico early life. What is her current age? Know about her family life and childhood.

Raffaella Fico was born on 29 February 1988. Raffaella Fico was born in Cercola, Italy. Raffaella Fico is recently at the age of 30 to date. Raffaella Fico holds the citizenship of Italy and she is of white ethnicity. Raffaella Fico lies under Aquarius zodiac sign. Raffaella Fico was born and raised in a well-mannered family. Raffaella Fico mother name is "Pia". Raffaella Fico was raised by her mother. Raffaella Fico hasn't revealed much information about her family life on the internet or to the social media. Raffaella Fico family name has not been disclosed until today.

Caption: Beautiful and Gorgeous Raffaella Fico doesn't look like she is at the age of 30.


Raffaella Fico journey towards success in her career life. Know about Raffaella Fico high school and education life.

There is no much information about her education life on the internet or to the media. Raffaella Fico started her career as model and actress. Raffaella Fico rose into fame after participating in the eighth edition of the popular "Grande Fratello". The show is also known as the Italian version of the famous show named "Big Brother". Raffaella Fico has also received and gained widespread media attention for having "Auction off her virginity" in the same year. Raffaella Fico was ready to sell her virginity in one million euros. Raffaella Fico has also made her film debut in the movie named "Storia di un amore" which was directed by Maria Manna. Raffaella Fico has also hosted in the famous and popular "Italia 1" show Real TV in the year 2009. Raffaella Fico has also been featured in the four quiz show which was hosted by "Enrico Papi" in between the year 2009 and the year 2010. Raffaella Fico was also starred in the variety television "Mitici 80" on Italia 1 in the year 2010. In the same year she was also casted in the famous and popular variety show named "Saturday Night Live from Milano". It was the Italian version of the "Saturday Night Live". Raffaella Fico has also appeared in the Italian comedy movie named "Matrimonio a Parigi". Raffaella Fico has also walked in the runway of "Milan Fashion Week". She was pregnant at that time and she was wearing a bikini while doing a runway walk. Raffaella Fico debut her first album as her single named "Rush" with 10 tracks in the year 2014.

Caption: Raffaella Fico doing a runway walk when she was six months pregnant.


Raffaella Fico relationship status and love affairs. Information about Raffaella Fico dating and married life. Know about her personal life. What is her net worth and salary?

Raffaella Fico was in an alleged relationship and was dating the famous and popular Professional footballer "Cristiano Ronaldo". Raffaella Fico and her boyfriend "Ronaldo" started to date in the year 2009. She was also dating “Alessandro Moggi”. Raffaella Fico was locked for a year in a media battle with the famous and popular football player "Mario Balotelli" about her baby's paternity. Raffaella Fico hasn't revealed about her height on the internet. As per wiki sources, it has been estimated that Raffaella Fico has the net worth of $8 million to date. Raffaella Fico has worked very hard and struggled a lot in order to reach that amount of net worth in her career life. Raffaella Fico hasn't revealed about her salary on the internet or to the social media. Raffaella Fico salary has not been disclosed until today.

Caption: Raffaella Fico and her boyfriend “Balotelli” together


Is Raffaella Fico active on social media sites? Know about Raffaella Fico daily activities by following her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Raffaella Fico is very famous and popular on social media sites. Raffaella Fico is active in social media. She uses Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. She has over 314K  followers on her Twitter account and around 304K  followers on her Instagram account. She has over 7K likes on her Facebook.

To know more about her daily life, follow Raffaella Fico on her social networking sites:

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