Prince Harry Designed An Engagement Ring For Meghan Markle Using Princess Diana’s Diamonds.

Monday 22nd January 2018 diamonds engagement ring meghan markle prince harry princess diana's
prince and queen

A report has explained that Harry has authorized a wedding ring for Meghan!Because of the fact that he's a ruler, no typical wedding band will do! He's utilizing some of his mom Princess Diana's jewels for the piece!

"It will definitely be a summer wedding", an insider tells Us Weekly of the adorable couple’s plans.


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Harry utilized precious diamonds from one of his mom's ornaments to create a ring for the Suits star! Something reveals to us this sparkler will be dazzling! "There are no plans for them to live independently," the sources included. "“Meghan will move right in." This definitely isn’t typical of a royal courtship but, hey, the times they are a-changing! Besides they aren’t the first royal couple to co-habitat before walking down the aisle!
 Harry's more older sibling Prince William and Kate Middleton, both 35, lived together before getting to be a couple!

The royal family has had to move with the times in order to survive, and they are nowhere near as stuffy and old fashioned as they used to be,” a source previously told “Prince William and Kate Middleton lived together before marrying, so, it;s no shocker that Harry and Meghan plan to do the same. It’s such common practice these days for couples to cohabit before taking the next step, and the Queen has no objections, as long as Harry and Meghan are committed to marrying eventually.” We can’t guess when this wedding is happening but it’s going to be HUGE.

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