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Do you know about the famous rapper Mac Miller? Know about his age, height and much more information. Mac Miller information that we have prepared for you.

Mac Miller is a famous and popular American rapper, record producer and singer. Mac Miller real name is Malcolm James McCormick. Mac Miller is also one of the top noted record producers. Mac Miller production lies under the pseudonym Larry Fisherman. He has started recording his first studio album named "Blue Slide Park". It was released on 8 November 2011. "Blue Slide Park" was ranked as one on the US Billboard 200, by making it the first independently distributed album to the top of the chart.

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When was Mac Miller born? What is his current age? Know about his family life and early life.

Mac Miller was born on 19 January 1992. He was born in  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mac Miller is recently at the age of 25 to date. He was born in Karen Meyers and Mark McCormick. Mac Miller mother was a professional photographer and his father was an architect. Mac Miller father is a Christian and his mother is a Jewish. Mac Miller celebrates the Jewish High Holy Days. Mac Miller was raised in the Point Breeze part of Pittsburgh.

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Mac Miller journey towards his career life. Where did he attend his education life?

Mac Miller started his education life by attending in " Winchester Thurston School". Later he continued his education from " Taylor Allderdice High School". Miller decided to focus on his hip-hop career. Mac Miller started his career as a rapper. He started his career at the age of 14. Mac Miller released a mixtape called ‘How High’ in the year 2008. The album named  ‘How High’ was a success and he released two individual mixtapes. Mac Miller has also participated in the famous "MC competition" at Shadow Lounge and has also featured in the final four in Rhyme Callisthenics in the year 2009. At the age of 17, Mac Miller was appointed on to ‘Rostrum Records’ label in the year 2010. This gave a big boost to his career. A new album named ‘K.I.D.S’ was released under the "Rostrum Records" banner in the year 2010. It was inspired by the film ‘Kids’. Mac Miller started his first tour named "The Incredibly Dope Tour". The tour was a massive success and sold out at all the locations in the year 2010. Mac Miller started his first single named  ‘Knock Knock’s video premiered on YouTube and went viral and gave nationwide recognition to him. Miller launched his first album named ‘Blue Slide Park’ on his YouTube Channel. The album was released in November 2011. Mac Miller has also named a song named "Donald Trump" in the album "Blue Slide Park". The song "Donald Trump" was a successful hit. Mac Miller started his TV appearance on the famous VH1 show ‘Single Ladies’. He later acted in shows like ‘Jams Fab Five’ show on MTV in the year 2011. Mac Miller second album was released in the year 2013 which was named "Watching Movies with the Sound Off". In the year 2015, he released his third album named ‘GO: OD AM’.

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Mac Miller personal life. Know about his relationship with the popular singer “Ariana Grande”. Is he still dating “Ariana Grande” or not? What is his net worth and salary?

Mac Miller started his relationship life in his early age while dating a woman he met in middle school for four years until April 2013. He has written many songs dedicated towards his love life. Mac Miller and his girlfriend broke up due to some personal issues. Later then, Miller started to date Ariana Grande from August 2016. Mac Miller and his girlfriend "Ariana Grande" dated for almost 2 years. They split up in May 2018. Mac Miller height is 1.7m tall. As per wiki sources, it has been estimated that Mac Miller has the net worth of $14 million to date. Mac Miller has worked very hard and struggled a lot in order to reach that amount of net worth in his career life. Mac Miller hasn't revealed any information about his salary on the internet or to the media to date. Mac Miller salary has been disclosed by him till today.

Caption: Mac Miller looks happy with his ex-girlfriend “Ariana Grande”.

Is Mac Miller active on social media sites? Know about Mac Miller daily life by following him on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Mac Miller has always been active on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. Mac Miller has a huge number of fans on his social media sites. Mac Miller has over 3.5M followers on "Instagram" and over 5.1M followers on "Facebook". He has over 8.8M followers on Twitter.

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