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Lucy Hawking is an author and the original creator of the George Greenby books, a series of adventure stories which aim to explain complex science to a young audience through dramatic storytelling. Lucy works with a range of distinguished scientists on the George Greenby series, including her very well-known father, Stephen Hawking. Currently, the George Greenby series is in development with Canadian animation studio Nerd Corps Entertainment to become an animated television series. Lucy studied Modern Languages at Oxford before becoming a journalist. She wrote for newspapers and magazines and then moved into publishing with two comedy novels for adults. While working on the George series, Lucy spent a year as Distinguished Writer in residence at the Origins Project, ASU where she was also Visiting International Scholar at the Institute of Humanities Research. Recently, Lucy was made a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in recognition of the work she has done in explaining science to a young audience.

Lucy Hawking, the author and daughter of acclaimed physicist Stephen, has written an emotional open letter to Katie Hopkins.

The Sun columnist was urged to reconsider her attitude towards disabled people after Hopkins described Labour leader Ed Miliband as looking like someone "on the spectrum".

Writing in the Guardian, Hawking said: "I hoped that now, no disabled person would encounter this kind of behaviour – and that they would be treated with respect and dignity."

Hawking's father has motor neurone disease, which has left him wheelchair bound and only able to speak via a computer. 

She went on: "I have an autistic son. He’s very sweet, polite, hard-working, kind and generally lovely. But yes, he does stare at people from time to time.

"When we are on the tube, occasionally I have to say to a member of the public that my son is autistic and that I’m sorry he is staring. The reaction is always kind and compassionate."

Accusing Hopkins of making a "laughing stock" out of anybody not exactly like herself, Hawking asked her to "please stop". 


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