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Who is Lisa Bloom? What is her age? What is her net worth? Is she married? Who is her husband?

Lisa Bloom is a civil rights attorney working in the USA. Lisa is known for taking up cases against sexual harassment. She has represented famous people like Kathy Griffin, Mischa Barton, Blac Chyna in court. Apart from practising law, she was a host of a legal program on TV named “Lisa Bloom: Open Court”. The talented attorney is the head of the law firm “Bloom Firm”. Lisa has worked as a legal analyst for TV channels CBS News, CNN, HLN. She has appeared in talks shows including The Early Show, The Insider, and The Situation Room. Lisa has made her mark by cracking tough cases. Lisa’s talent is not limited to the legal field but she is the author of books that narrates the legal issues.


Lisa Early Childhood and Education.

Lisa Bloom was born as Lisa Bray. She hails from Philadelphia, USA. Her birth date was September 1961 which makes her age 56. Her mother was Gloria Bloom and father was Peyton Huddleston Bray Jr. Lisa took most of her qualities from her mother as her mother was also an attorney. Lisa’s parents separated when she was a small kid. Peyton Bray who was Lisa father suffered from a mental condition called bipolar disorder committed suicide. After the divorce, Lisa took her mother last name as her last name. When Lisa age was around 7, her mother decided to get married again. Gloria married William C Allred.  From a young age, Lisa was a bright child which she proved when she won National Debate Champion. She did her graduation from UCLA. At the age of 27, Lisa was honoured with Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Yale Law School.



Lisa ’s early career. An attorney for famous clients.

 Lisa started her career by assisting in her mother’s law firm. In her early career, she did not get much success as she did not win many cases. At the age of 40, Lisa left her mother’s law firm and served as a legal analyst for TV channel like CBS News, CNN, HLN, MSNBC. She came into limelight by appearing on talk shows including The Early Show, The Situation Room. Lisa was the anchor of the legal show “Lisa Bloom: Open Court”. At the age of 49, Lisa started her own law firm named “Bloom Firm”.

In her law career, Lisa has represented many high profile people like Janice Dickinson, Blac Chyna, Mischa Barton as her clients. She fought the case of Janice against comedian Bill Cosby in a defamation case. The strong headed attorney who has a reputation of taking cases for women rights and against sexual harassment against women took up the case of model Blac Chyna. Blac Chyna was in a relationship with Rob Kardashian and they had a daughter named Dream together. Things turned ugly when Rob and Blac Chyna separated. Rob posted inappropriate photos of Blac Chyna in social media. Lisa helped Blac Chyna as an attorney in this case which resulted in Blac Chyna getting a restraining order against Rob Kardashian. The legal advice of Lisa proved to be beneficial for Blac Chyna.

Lisa has taken cases for women rights with much power. Lisa represented some women against Bill O’Reilly under the charge of sexual harassment. The case led to dismissal of Bill from his own talk show. In the busy schedule involving hard cases, Lisa has taken out some time to write books as well. She has authored three books so far that explains the legal issues.

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The attorney is achieving a new height in her law career with her outstanding practice. The lady full of wisdom and beauty has not only won tough cases but gathered a jaw-dropping net worth as well. With all her hard work and clever advocacy, she has an amazing net worth amounting to 20 million dollars. The net worth and number of cases she is winning is increasing in a parallel way.


Lisa personal life. Who is her husband? Does she have children?

The attorney with a height of 5 feet and 2 inches has guarded her private life quite well. She has been married twice. There is little information known about her former husband. The couple is divorced. Lisa had two children by her first husband. The children are named Sarah and Sam. The children are grown up now. She shares photos of her children in her twitter account. Lisa dated Braden Pollock for some time.  Lisa got married to Braden at the age of 53 in 2014. Lisa looks good with her current husband and posts their photos on Twitter. She lives with her husband Braden in Los Angeles. Lisa posted some opinions in her twitter account about a relationship “To the girls. If your boyfriend treats you badly, your job is to break up with him ASAP. This is an important habit to learn early.” It clearly symbolizes her principles.

Caption: Lisa with her husband Braden


Is Lisa Bloom active on social media sites? Know about her daily activities by following her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Lisa is active on social media sites. She uses Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. She posts updates about herself in twitter. She has over 120 thousand followers on her Twitter account and around three thousand followers on her Instagram account. She has over 18 thousand followers on her Facebook.

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