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Do you know about the famous actress and pop singer Lindsay Lohan? What is her current age, net worth and height? Know about her boyfriend, movies, and many more as we have prepared for you.

Lindsay Lohan is a famous and popular actress and pop singer. Lindsay Lohan is well known for her works in the movie named "Prairie Home Companion" in the year 2006. Lindsay Lohan has also played in the famous movie named "Bobby in the year 2006 and "Chapter" in the year 2007.

How was Lindsay Lohan early life? What is her current age? Know about her family life and childhood.

Lindsay Lohan was born on 2 July 1986. She was born in The Bronx, New York City, USA. Lindsay Lohan is at the age of 31 to date. Lindsay Lohan was born in the family of "Dina Lohan" and "Michael Lohan". Lindsay Lohan's parents got divorced but also again reunited again. Lindsay Lohan is the eldest sister among the four children of their parents. Lindsay Lohan real name is "Lindsay Dee Lohan". Lindsay Dee Lohan has been working in Hollywood since the year 1989.

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Lindsay Lohan steps of success and struggle towards her career life. Know about her education life and career life.

Lindsay Dee Lohan started her education life by attending in New York. There is no information regarding her education life on the internet or in the media. Lindsay Dee Lohan started her career as an actress. Lindsay Dee Lohan started her career at a very young age. At the age of 3, Lindsay Dee Lohan started modelling with the Ford Models. Lindsay Dee Lohan then got the chance to play in more than 60 TV advertisements. Lindsay Dee Lohan started her movie career by playing a role in the family comedy movie named "Parent Trap". She later got renowned for a popular movie named "Mean Girls". Lindsay Dee Lohan has also played in many movies in the year 2018. She has also played a role in many movies like "Freaky Friday, The Holiday, Labor Pains, Just My Luck and Mean Girls". Lindsay Dee Lohan has also played in many TV Series like "King of the Hill, Glee, Project Runway, Ugly Betty etc. Lindsay Dee Lohan has also contributed her talent in the movies like "Scary Movie 5, The Bling Rings, The Crayons and The Inconceivable". Lindsay Dee Lohan has also appeared in the popular series like "Anger Management, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Lindsay. Lindsay Dee Lohan has also been in jail for 90 days which was shortened 14 days due to overcrowding.

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Lindsay Lohan personal life. What is her net worth? Know if Lindsay Lohan is married or dating someone?

Lindsay Dee Lohan has dated many famous and popular celebrities like "Alex Rodriguez, Collin Farrell, Damien Fahey, Bruce Willis and James Franco. Lindsay Dee Lohan was also dating popular celebrities like "Talan Torriero, Harry Judd, Jared Leto, Ryan Admans, Shaun White, Jammie Burke, Harry Morgan, James Blunt, Adam White. Lindsay Dee Lohan then dated "Mac Nordgren in the year 2013. It has been rumoured that currently she is dating Mac Nordgen as they were seen several times together. Lindsay Dee Lohan height is 1.65m tall and she weighs approx 52 Kg. As per wiki sources, it has been estimated that Lindsay Dee Lohan has the net worth of $500 thousand to date. Lindsay Dee Lohan has worked very hard and struggled a lot in order to reach that amount of net worth in her career life. Lindsay Dee Lohan hasn't revealed about her salary on the internet or to the social media. Lindsay Dee Lohan salary has been disclosed till the year 2018.

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Is Lindsay Lohan active on social media sites? Follow Lindsay Lohan on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to know about her daily life activities.

Lindsay Dee Lohan is active in social media. She uses Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. She has over 9.3M followers on her Twitter account and around 6.3M followers on her Instagram account. She has over 5M likes on her Facebook.

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