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Monday 6th November 2017


Have you ever watched World Of Dance? If Yes, then there is no any chance that you don't know Les Twins. If No, then also it's okay. Don't worry we are here for you to provide information about them.
Two identical brothers Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeoi, who are known as Les Twins, are French dancers, models and choreographers,
There is not any doubt that you don't know the professional life of such a multitalented, Handsome celebrities. But do you know about their personal life? Are they married or dating someone? or are they gay? How much they earn?
For this information, you have to wait for some time and continue the reading because we are trying to cover all the information about them below.

Early life

Two identical twin brothers, known as Les Twins were born on December 6, 1988. They were born in Sarcelles, which is the northern suburbs of Paris, France. They are the youngest of the nine children born to their parents.
The twin brothers, Larry and Laurent began dancing at a very young age. When they were just at the age of 12, they started performing in concerts and musicals.From their childhood, they have a habit of paying attention while any performers were performing. They were also called as the born dancers. According to WAD Magazine," They were born dancers. They walked at 5 months, seriously moved their bodies at 18 months old, and at 9 they showed off steps they had invented to youngsters twice their age in their neighbourhood."

Education and Career

They started their career at the age of 12, by performing in concerts and musicals. Without attending any formal dance training classes, they learned by viewing other performers. In 2005, when they were just at the age of 17, they created their own dance group called Criminal Crew of five members. Two years later in 2007, their group danced to sold-out audiences in the musical Pas de Quartier at France’s esteemed Avignon Festival. Their career on the dancing gets the right way in May 2008, when they get the huge attention on competing with French street dancers Joseph Go and Meech Onomo at the semi-finals of the prestigious international dance competition Juste Debout. Les Twins won against them and got a lot of publicity from there.
In August 2010, a video of their execution on the World of Dance tour in San Diego turned into a web sensation on YouTube. On November 9, 2010, they made their U.S. TV make a big appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
They together started working on multiple projects with Sony Japan in December 2012.
Twins were also appeared in a special freestyle dance Bollywood film ABCD 2, in the song "Tattoo".

Les Twins are marked with NEXT Model Management in Paris.They have since been highlighted in various web, TV, and print advertising campaign.

Personal life

Despite the fact that they're twins, there are some huge contrasts between them.Their identities are altogether different, their moving style is too, the way they dress, and furthermore a few points of interest of their physical appearance. It's troublesome for anyone's seeing them for the first time but after a short time, you'll have the capacity to see the difference in them. About their differences, the YAK Films guys states-
Larry tends to be a lot sharper and technical, showing you each part of the music. And Laurent tends to be the one who has a lot of technique too but also likes to become wild and let loose“.
Twins brother with their unique and heart woning performances have made the peoples crazy around them. Not only by their dancing but by their physical appearance with a tall height and athletic body, millions of girls were a die-hard fan of them. But is there anyone for whom they feel?
In one source it is written that one of the twins, Larry had a girlfriend, who is the singer. They had a daughter but it is so sad to hear that they are no longer together. About Laurent, there were rumours that he is dating a girl named Jessica with whom he had shared several photographs together.
Besides these, there are not any rumours and controversy related to their married, divorce and past affairs.
These dancers had not revealed but it is found in some source that their networth is around $4 million as of 2017.

Awards and Achievements

Les Twins won American based reality competition series entitled as World of Dance, executive created by Jennifer Lopez, in 2017. The series, World of Dance which presents single acts as well as greater groups is challenging for an outstanding prize of $1 million

Filmography and Television series

Twins were also appeared in a special freestyle dance Bollywood film ABCD 2, in the song "Tattoo".
Les Twins are marked with NEXT Model Management in Paris.They have since been highlighted in various web, TV, and print advertising campaign.

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