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We all know that one time when people all around the world started making funny videos and posting them on Youtube. Soon those funny clips got a name ‘Vines.' I remember when I used to forget sleep and watch vines all night long. No need to lie, buddy, I know you must have some of the sleepless nights too. And since 2012, a Viner has been entertaining us almost every day. The whole internet knows him as ‘King Bach,' and so do we. But wait! Do we know anything about this guy? How is his love life? Is he gay? What was his life before fame? So ladies and gentlemen, today we are dissecting the life of King Bach.

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Early life

Andrew B. Bachelor a.k.King Bach born on June 26, 1988, in Toronto, Canada is currently at the age of 29. His parents are Ingrid Maurice, and Byron Bachelor and both of them are accountants. Belonging to Jamaican ethnicity, Bach has a sister named Christina Bachelor. Despite the fact his both parents were Christians, Bach follows anarchist ideology. He was raised in Florida after his parents moved from Toronto.

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Education and Career

Before discovering internet vines, he attended the Coral Springs Charter School for both middle school and high school. He did his graduation from Florida State University in 2010. He was an excellent track and field athlete while in university. Afterwards, Bach enrolled in a graduate program at the New York Film Academy. But it seemed that Bach wasn't college material, and so he dropped out in his last semester and moved to Los Angeles.
Before embarking his career on the television screen, Bach was shining in Vine which accumulated over 16 million followers. Shortly after vine, he became famous on YouTube for his channel BachelorsPadTv where he has more than 1.6 million subscribers.

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Aside from YouTube, Bach is famous on Instagram with over 14 million followers. Before vine, Bach was seen on the television screen from time-to-time. He at one point was a recurring cast member on House of Lies and Wild 'n Out. Bach has starred in several of Bart Baker's music video parodies and also in Logan Paul and NigaHiga's videos, making him famous in every direction.

Personal life

This internet sensation of net worth $3 million is famous not only for his humor but also for dating several divas. He has a lovely height of 1.74 meters and a sweet physique of 163 pounds. Maybe this is one of the reasons behind his spicy love life. King's first affairs are obscured till now, but his first known relationship was with a gorgeous actress, Liane Valenzuela from 2014-2015. After the breakup, this lucky guy married Amanda Cerny, a fellow Viner.

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Their marriage ended in 2016. After a series of heartbreaks, 29-year-old Bach has been able to handle a relationship correctly now and is currently dating Lele Pons.

Awards and Achievements


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King's only known award is the title of ‘most popular vine celebrity' in early 2015. In the 8th annual shorty awards, Bach became the Viner of the year. He has still a bright future and let's be confident that he will be honored again soon.

Filmography and Television series

Bach appeared in 6 films altogether, and one of them is in the process of post-production. Most of his films are short films but who cares what the length of a movie is as long as it is good. Besides films, Bach portrayed various roles in television series like House of Lies and Black Jesus. This guy is without a second thought a multi-talented fellow that has captured the heart of many people around the world.

Social network sites

King Bach is wearing the crown of fame due to social media. His YouTube channel BachelorsPadTv has 1.6 million subscribers. He loves to be in touch with his fans and is very active in social media.

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Click this link to be a viewer of his hilarious vines in YouTube Bach is also active on Facebook(9.4 million likes) and Instagram(14.8 million followers). If you also want to know him better, then there is no other way than following him on social networking sites.
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