Jonathan Nolan

Friday 10th March 2017 spouse screen writer director author

Jonathan nolan is a 40-year-old, english-american screen writer, television producer, director and author. He has created science fiction series person of interest and is a co-creator of westworld. He was brought up in london and chicago and has both british and americans citizenship. After a long relationship with his ex-girlfriend genevieve hippisley he got married with burn notice writer, lisa joy. After marriage they gave birth to their first baby daughter and were waiting for their second child. He has got average body structure with height 6’2” (1.88m). His net worth is $20 million in 2016. He was born in 6th june, 1976, london, united kingdom. After moving to chicago jonathan found that having an english accent was not so popular so he learned to sound like a good chicago child. He has graduated from georgetown university in washington dc, where he majored in english and was a staff writer for the hoya. He has collaborated on several films with his brother, christopher nolan. Jonathan wrote a short story “memento mori” which was adapted by his brother and extended into the film “memento”. Even though the story was written by jonathan he was only credited by “based on a story by” credit but not by a screenwriting credit, and his brother christopher shared a nomination for the academy award for best original screenplay. In 2006, jonathan wrote the screenplay for “the prestige” with his brother christopher nolan, which was based on the novel by christopher priest. In 2008, jonathan with his brother christopher and david s. Goyer co-worked for the screenplay of the film “the dark knight”. In 2012, jonathan with the same company of his brother and david s. Goyer worked for the screenplay of the film “the dark knight rises”. Again in 2014, jonathon nolan with his brother christopher wrote a film “interstellar”.

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