Is physics interesting?

Monday 13th November 2017 science physics

Physics is the branch of science that deals with the nature,matter and energy.Physics is about searching different process on the nature as well as it is about asking fundamental questions and searching answers of them by observing and experimenting.Physics doesn't just deal with theoritical concepts but it's applied in most part of the human activity.But study of physics seems to be difficult because physics keeps changing with time as new discoveries had been invented.New theories create different questions and different facts which totally differ from the previous ones,which creates problem and difficulties on answering them.On the other hand this change make physics exciting and interesting because we can learn more different facts.From the smallest subatomic particle to the whole universe,Physics uncovers a picture of the world that is continually changing.The main goal of the physics is to know the behave of the universe.Physics is really interesting because it concerned with the nature,its behave and works.

Physics helps us to understand how the world around us works.Morever physics is the basis of many other sciences,including chemistry,oceanography,seismology and astronomy.Nothing explains nature better than physics.Anything we see around our world are only because of the physics.Every natural process on this nature are well explained by the physics.Because of the physics many inventions which were thought to be impossible were made possible by physics.Most difficult questions for e.g time taken by light to travel from sun to the earth as well as many others are well explained by the physics.Physics teaches us to think about the process happening around us so that we could be able to explain it logically.Physics explains many different facts for e.g why the sky is blue? as well as many other facts which are really very interesting and exciting to know.Physics makes the things possible which really seems to be impossible .As we know different inventions for e.g light bulbs,computers,air planes,cell phones,solar panels as well as many other inventions are possible only due to physics.Physics also makes significant contributions through advances in new technologies that arise from theoritical breakthroughs.

Hence learning physics might be difficult at the begining but further it will be so exciting because on this field whenever we think we will get different ideas and fact about our universe and we will be able to find a new phenomenon where no one has a clue about what's going on.

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