Is it good to lie ?

Monday 19th December 2016

Since from our childhood we were told not to lie even what happens.Our parents always tells us about negative effect of telling lies .However nowadays it seems that lies are also part of our lives.As we know that truth is bitter and really it is good to say truth even if it was bitter rather than telling sweet lies.But sometimes its better lying rather telling truth which was harmful for ourself as well as for others feelings.

As we know that in our life we have to face different situations.It is not compulsory that telling truth about ours to others will really solve the problems for example:if we are unhappy of being unsuccessful  in our life its better not to tell any persons about our failure as it will makes us more weak.In fact its better not to advertise our feelings because there is no market for our emotions.In such case it is better to hide our pains and be strong and courageous .

Again, its better to lie on medical situations.Many researchers had proved that besides medicines patients needs courage to make them fight for their life.When there is a little chance of survival but the patients ask about his/her health condition with the doctor its better to lie rather than telling the truth.In such case brutal honesty is unnecessary ,cruel and does not solve any problems and gives bad results.

Similarly,it is also not bad to lie on the context of others feelings.If after knowing the truth the persons will hurts more and may it gives the pains for whole life,it is better to avoid truth.For example:when husband ask with wife about her memorable time,it is better for her to lie and not telling the truth that it was when she was with her boyfriend in their first dating.On telling the truth there is a maximum chance to damage her relation with herb husband which was smooth at a present

So before lying first think about the situation and decide whether it is good to tell the truth or hiding the truth.But remember hiding the things even in the required place may harms you.

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