How to be a smart?

Monday 19th September 2016

There are different views about smart according to person to person. But in my opinion, to finding out solutions of different things in easy ways and to make them more easier is the smart way to solve the things. In another way it can be judge by their suitable appearance and get up with relevant fields, so their expressions, feelings, ideas can easily contribute. There are some tips such as:

  • Be a realistics
  • Make a vision and move on according to your vision.
  • Try to solve things easy ways.
  • Make a progress reports to your work and take feedback from others.
  • Make habit to explain clearly about your work so others can get can follow your visions clearly.
  • Trust others so they can feel you closer which makes easier to share ideas.
  • make the plan step by step and implement them.
  • Listen to others , decide by your own.
  • Try to get people more excitement while you are going to demonstrate your task.

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