How to make somebody fall in love with you?

Saturday 17th September 2016

At first lets be clear that what does love means.When we will search about the definition of love we may get different ideas for the love and being in love.The definition of love is different according to the persons.According to my views,love is that unseen force that makes the things possible which really seems to be impossible.And its really difficult for us to be confirmed that whether we are in love or not.I think when we will be accept someone exactly as they are,without any judgement,without any doubt and without any belief that they would be better if they were different in the present,this is love.Also i think love has no conditions it means if we can't stop loving someone regardless of what they do or say,this is love.But loving someone according to their behaviour and being dependent upon the person acting and speaking how we want is not love.Similarly we can confirm ourself on being love or not from our own thought it means whether we want anything in return or our love is selfless i.e we don't need anything and we are not expecting anything .When we actually love someone we don't look for them to fulfill our desires ,love us in returns and all those type of things.

We always wanted to be loved all the time.Almost all the time we used to be worry about whether other people will love us or not.Generally we used to seek love from others to be happy.And it is true that receiving love from someone else will have the power to make us feel good.But we also know the truth that love cannot be manufactured,it cannot be traded,it cannot be controlled and sadly it cannot be forced.Our main problem in the love is the fear of being rejeacted.Opening our heart to the person whom we loved,and being rejeacted is the most painful experiences in life.It will be more painful then anyother physical pain because it will suffered us for the whole life if we will be unable to forget it and let it go.

Love cannot be forced it means we cannot make the persons fall in love.Its the unseen force.But because of behaviour, appearance, politeness, honesty people used to fall in love at first sight.Here are some steps to make people fall in love with you:

  • First love yourself i.e take proper care of yours on proper hygiene,food.
  • Always be happy and don't be dependent on others for your happiness.
  • Enjoy every moment of life.
  • Never lies because if you caught once lying there will be your negative image on his/her mind.
  • Always pay attention to your feelings.dreams and carrier.
  • Pay attention to your appearance.
  • Respect him/her because it is the first things that we people expect from others.
  • Be confident on what you are doing.
  • Be calm when he/she is at near you.
  • Be clear about your feelings.
  • Try to make him/her  laugh.
  • Cure him/her loneliness and try to give them company so he/she may share their feelings with you.
  • Be comfortable and try to make them comfortable as well.
  • Dont ask silly questions and ask the right questions to make your proper image in his/her mind.
  • Be sexual as well and don't be scared to be a sexual being.
  • Maintain your eye contact with him/her.
  • Give interest to those things that they are interested in.
  • Smile while talking and while he/she is with you.
  • Make them feel appreciated and special.
  • Always be kind.
  • Share him/her passion's
  • Create trust because it is the most important things to make any relation long lasting.
  • Support during the difficult times.
  • Make every moment enjoyable when you were together.

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