How to kiss someone well?

Monday 12th September 2016 kisses

It is the way of expressing love, feelings,romance,sexual attraction,sexual activity,affection,respect,greeting,good luck and peace to the persons whom we really love,whom we really feel and whom we really wanted to be closest through our organs like eyes, forehead, lips, cheeks and more sensitive parts of our bodies.There are some tips which helps kissing easy so that we can express our love,emotions and feelings to the persons whom we really wanted to express:

  • Make him/her feel comfortable before starting.
  • Forget all the things and try to feel each others.
  • Try to make good feelings to each others by talking nice and romantic ways.
  • Give really good support to each others so can feel more closer to each other.
  • Look at eyes and feel them.
  • Be closer to each other so can feel really each others heart beats.
  • Start kissing on forehead, cheeks, eyes and more sensitive organs of bodies.
  • Close eyes and lips and try to get touch each others lips.
  • Slightly open lips and suck each others.
  • Keep sucking continously at the same pulse of breathing untill both of you feel really good.


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