How to be a good husband?

Tuesday 3rd April 2018 general
good husband

Life is short and in this short life, we have to fulfill many responsibilities in a different stage of our life.We used to have a different responsibility towards different persons.With the growth of age, our responsibility also increases in the same order.Simply when we compare our life before and after marriage, after marriage we really find our more responsibility towards many persons after marriage.When we compare life's of girls and boys after marriage we may find girls life more difficult because after marriage girls have to leave their house and parents.However, it was too difficult for the boys as well as to fulfill the responsibility and to adjust themselves to the new life and in the new environment.Here are some guidelines for ones to be the good husband:

  • At first, accept the situation i.e accept that she was one who will be with you in each and every condition of your life.
  • Always time don't make too much expectation so make the limitation on your expectation.
  • Don't show your ego to her.
  • Give some good compliments to her because she will feel good about herself.
  • Try to manage your work yourself and you may ask her for help if you need but don't treat her as the servant of the house.
  • Listen to her.
  • Don't get angry when she wants to tell you about her problems.
  • Be cautious of what you say when you are angry.
  • Never bring the past which may create problems in the present.
  • Don't compare your life to anyone.
  • Praise her if she does anything special for you 
  • Don't tell lie on any matter because it will hurt her more after knowing the truth.
  • Never cheat your wife.
  • Share your feelings with her.
  • Treat her as she was your life and you are empty without her.
  • Respect her.
  • Make some time for her so you will get some time to spend with each other.
  • Love her.  

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