How to create a smart personality?

Saturday 23rd March 2019 how to create a smart personality?

  • Acknowledge Your Positive Qualities
  • Develop Opinions
  • Accept Feedback
  • Engaging Socially
  • Have Fun And Use Humor


Everyone desires to have a better life and for this being a smart person is one of the first and foremost requirement. Being smart doesn't always mean having certificates of University, enough money, higher position and so on. But the person is considered smart if he has the ability to think differently, good sense of humor, adaptable on any environment and who has their own life's goal. 


Walter Isaacson define smart people as,

Smart people are a dime a dozen. What matters is the ability to think different... to think out of the box. 


It is obvious that every people want to be noticed and famous. They want to have a smart personality. Being popular on work and society is not that easy. Firstly, ones should have an interest in different aspects of work or society. Secondly, they should have the capability to solve any problem. It is not an easy task so it is necessary for them to think uniquely, have patience, positive attitude and the power to convince people. Personality development needs various factors to be considered. If ones want to have a good personality then there are a certain rule of thumbs that he needs to follow. In this article, we will talk about some factors which help people to achieve a smart personality.


Acknowledge Your Positive Qualities

Recognizing self-positive qualities is one of the mandatory work that every people should do in their life. It makes us more confident and motivated in our life. In addition to this, it also inspires us to search for a good part in people. It makes us optimistic and gives us a positive vision about life. Sometimes, it may be hard to completely figure out our personality. However, we should work to acknowledge. Many people always think about how to develop personality? But they forget about the positive qualities they already own. So, we must think about what we most like about ourself, and what others seem to like about us.



Develop Opinions

Having our own opinions is very important in life. There are some people who just do not have their own opinions and they do whatever other does. But opinions makes us more interesting. Having our own opinions don't always means we have to force our opinions on others. But, it is necessary to stand out on our own opinions on a variety of issues. To have a valid opinion, it is necessary to be informed and to be updated. Hence, reading news about different issues and having enough knowledge about various factors is most necessary before building any opinions on any matter.


Accept Feedback

It is normal that every person always wants to hear good things about him. But to have smart personality ones should have the power to accept both positive and negative feedback. On the way of developing a personality, we should always be open to feedback and criticism. If someone lets you know you're doing something to bother them or others, listen. Do not dismiss the feedback. Whenever you get feedback work on it right away. It helps to develop a good personality.


Engaging Socially

To have a smart personality it is necessary to be an important member of a group. There are many ways to be an important member of a group. This role may not be someone who is at the center of attention at all times, but your role is important nonetheless. Think about your role when you are in a group and try to be proud of this contribution. There might be any person in your circle who are very needy and you can help them. You will only be able to help them if you are sociable and have the interest to know about them.

Have Fun And Use Humor

There is no doubt that people want to be around those who are fun. But it doesn't mean that we should always have a party but we should try to have a smile when we meet the person. This makes other people feel good about you and they find you interesting and fun. To have a smart personality, it is necessary to have fun. Try to go with the flow at social events. If the whole gang is going to a bar you're feeling so-so about, do not protest. You might have a good time. Allow your humor to come out. Crack jokes, even if they seem stupid or silly. You'll stand out from the crowd this way.

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