How to create AWS account?

Thursday 16th August 2018 information technology

Amazon Web Service, AWS is a subordinate of that provides secure cloud computing platform to individuals and companies. AWS offers reliable, inexpensive and scalable cloud computing service.

In this session, we will make you clear about the implementation of AWS in some scenario. In addition to this, you will also learn how to create AWS account. But before this let’s have a look about its origin.

History of Amazon Web Service:

AWS platform for the first time was introduced in July 2002. In its early age, it only consists of a few services. Later in 2003, it was redeveloped. Just one year after it on March 14, 2006, the first AWS service was initiated for public usage. Besides this, it also started providing an industry-wide training and skills. On talking about its recent development Amazon launched a new service named as auto-scaling service in January 2018.

Why is AWS so popular these days?

Amazon Web Service besides its reliability and scalability is faster to implement. Not only for Industrial use but it’s too accessible for individuals.

How to create an AWS Account? Steps to be followed on creating AWS account:

  1. To create a new account for Amazon Web Service, at first open your browser and go to home page of Amazon Web Services.
  2. Select the Option to create an AWS Account. We have to enter your certain personal information. Be careful about entering the account information. The email you enter must be correct otherwise you might not be able to create the account.
  3. Choose Personal or Professional as of your wants. And enter the requested professional or personal information.
  4. Read the AWS agreement given and check the box.
  5. Choose Create Account and Continue.
    You will receive a confirmation email. After then you can sign in to AWS account with the email address and password that you have entered while creating the account.


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