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Tuesday 8th September 2020

Young and talented Hope is Trump's Trump card for the upcoming election!

Early life;

Hope Hicks, an American public relations consultant was born on October 21, 1988, in Greenwich. She is a daughter of Caye Ann who was a Regional CEO, Americas of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, and executive vice president of communications for the National Football League from 2010 to 2015. Her mother Paul Burton Hicks was also an administrative aide to Ed Jones, a Democratic congressman from Tennessee. Most of the family members worked for the government administration including her grandfather G. W. F. "Dutch" Cavender, and her grandmother Marilee Cavender.

Education and career;

Hicks went to Greenwich High School and graduated in 2006. She then went to Southern Methodist University and graduated in major English in 2010. in 2002 She appeared as a teenage model in Greenwich magazine.

'She is young and talented', said Donald Trump in one of his public addresses before his election as a president to the United States early in 2017. Hope Charlotte Hicks is really a smart lady back in the Trump administration as a Counselor to the President from March 9, 2020. This move of President Donald Trump was not much of a surprise as he had known the power of this lady previously. She had managed all the media related issues and maintained very good PR during her tenure as a Director of Strategic Communications to the White House administration she spent most of her time there until she moved to New York to continue her career as a PR officer for different offices. She worked in Ivanka Trump's(Donald Trump's daughter) fashion label in the expansion mission until she entered into Trump Venture later in 2014. Hicks has listed as the Forbes 30 under 30 lists in 2017 for serving as a one-woman press team for Trump's historic Presidential Campaign. She is the one Trump is confident about as she has that natural instinct for knowing Trump's tactics and can streamline in the best possible manner. Before November 2020, Trump wants his image to be among the voters, for this Hope can be really a great hope.

Hicks won 'Shethe' trust of Donald Trump as a woman with a result so there was a kind of impression among the other white house officials that Hope was the only one permanent official in the Trump Administration. It was Hicks who facilitated the appearance of Donald Trump after a series of protests started across America against the killing of George Floyd.  This is a witty and smart pick up from where she left. Hicks must have been his first choice as she was with him from the scratch of his presidential campaign in 2017. She was there in Fox Corporation as chief communication officer and executive vice president for 16 months after she left the white house in 2018. Some say it was Trump's idea to send Hicks to Fox for the time being for her preparation rather than a total shift from the Trump administration. After all, she is back to the campaign for the upcoming election as a trump card which Trump is preparing in the back of his mind.

The net worth of Hope hicks. Know how much does she earn, her salary, and her lifestyle.

Hope Hicks is a model, actress, and player from her school days. Her estimated net worth is reported to be  $200,000. When she was working in the White House, her salary was the highest-paid salary among the White House staff. 

Personal life ; 

She and her sister live in Greenwich where she grew up but when Donald Trump became the President she moved to Washington D.C.

In 2018 she dated Rob Porter but the relationship ended when they both resigned from the White House. Rob Porter worked in the White House as a White House staff secretary.





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