Donald Trump’s Alleged Affair With Stormy Daniels Lasted 11 Months While He Was Married

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Donald Trump, 71, didn’t just have an alleged fling with porn star Stormy Daniels, 38,  back in 2006, as a new report claims the two carried on a full-blown affair for nearly a year! Slate Editor in Chief Jacob Weisberg authored the bombshell story on Jan. 16 where he said he spoke to Daniels — real name Stephanie Clifford — on numerous occasions before the 2016 presidential election and that she revealed she had an ongoing sexual relationship with Trump, despite the fact that he married third wife Melania, 47, just one year prior and she had recently given birth to their son Barron, now 11.

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“Daniels told me she’d gone to Trump’s hotel room after meeting him at a celebrity golf tournament in Nevada in 2006. There they’d begun a sexual relationship, which continued for nearly a year. They’d met in New York and more than once in Los Angeles. In early 2007, Trump had invited her to a party to promote Trump Vodka, where she was photographed. He’d also invited her to his Miss USA pageant that year,” Weisberg wrote. He said that he got a tip about her following the 2016 Republican National Convention and got in touch with Daniels that led to a series of phone conversations and text exchanges that took place between August and October of 2016.

According to Weisberg, Daniels had considered going public with her story of the alleged affair but wanted to be paid for it, something that Slate does not do with their sources. He then went on to write that, “about a week before the election, Daniels stopped responding to calls and text messages. A friend of hers told me Daniels had said she’d taken the money from Trump after all.” A report by the Wall Street Journal on Jan. 11 claimed that Trump paid Daniels $130,000 in hush money to keep quiet about their alleged illicit affair just before the 2016 presidential election. Oh man, this would be a major scandal for any other sitting president, but withTrump’s track record of abhorrent behaviour, this seems like just another day of the week

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