Donald Trump Throw Out Melania And He Cares More About His Hair Than His Wife.

Sunday 4th March 2018 news

Donald Trump rather protects his hair and run for shelter on windy days then stay by his wife Melania’s side. 

President Donald Trump, 71, has definitely caused controversy after his recent outings with First Lady Melania Trump, 47, have been anything but affectionate and it turns out the Commander-in-Chief rather protect his hair from the wind instead of his wife! “Donald has never been one to hang back and wait for his partner, or to show much consideration for others—everyone who knows Donald knows it’s all about him, the whole world rotates around him, and everyone else is merely background or a sideshow to his main attraction,”. “Plus, when it’s bad weather, like windy or raining, all of Donald’s focus is on getting inside, and out of the weather, as soon as humanly possible.”The photos from a few weeks back, of Donald’s hair being blown up into the air and showing all the baldness underneath, absolutely infuriated him—he was beyond livid. Donald does not like being the butt of anybody’s joke, especially when it comes to the subject of his hair, which he is incredibly touchy, and overly-sensitive, about,” the insider continued. “Melania is used to it at this stage, and quite frankly, she would rather walk on her own anyway, at her own pace, rather than be dragged along by Donald as he rushes desperately to get inside.”

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