Did Kylie Jenner Just Secretly Reveal Her Baby Girl's Name?

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Kylie Jenner, 20, has kept her reported pregnancy under wraps but she may be secretly revealing the name for her expected baby girl and you can find it in her makeup line, according to Radar Online! Kylie has been known to name some of her signature lip kit colours after females that are near and dear to her so could it be that she is hinting toward a possible baby name in her new holiday collection? Maybe so! One of Kylie’s original red lip shades was named Mary Jo after her grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell while another shade was named Dolce K after her childhood dog. So with names like Ginger and Holly in her new holiday palette, we can’t help but wonder if one of these is the festive moniker she’s going to call her new bundle of joy. They would be perfect for a baby born in the winter, which is the season Kylie is expected to give birth.

Caption: Kylie Jenner Hiding Baby Bump In Her Large Shirt.

Photo Credit: pmchollywoodlife.com

In addition to those shade names, Kylie also has an entire palette named Royal Peach. Perhaps she is thinking of naming her future daughter Peach? Another option is Pearl, which Kylie named one of her new concealers. If she’s not going for something new, she may even use a name in one of her older cosmetics lines such as Amber, Angel, or Hazel. Since she’s been so secretive with her pregnancy, it’s hard to know for sure what name is on her mind, but it sure is fun to guess!

Whether we’re guessing what Kylie’s thinking or not, she sure has been good at leaving cryptic messages all over her social media since news of her pregnancy broke. From conveniently hiding her bump in photos to decorating her nails and room pink, we’re going crazy with not knowing what is and what isn’t real! We guess we’ll have to wait until Kylie’s ready to find out for sure!

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