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Who is Dhar Mann/ Know about his early life , his career ,life partner, children , business and many more.

Dhar Mann is well known Film maker who is nowadays famous among the social Media .He is well known seasoned enterprenure who has given inspiration to millions of people through his videos which are family and kids friendly.He is the C.E.O of Live Glam Company.Early life and education of Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann ,an American Businessman was born on May 29,1984 IN United states, He is the child of an Indian Parents , Baljit and Surinder Singh who is the founder of taxi company in united states. He completed his education from the University of California.He is the student of Political science and economics.


He is now the owner of several companies . Dhar Mann at his early age , was the founder of a real estate brokerage Company . He started this company when he was only 19 years old and was in his collage .In 2010 he established WeGrow Marijuana Franchises . Similarly he has expanded his business in different places ,

He started a beauty Subscription Company in 2015 which was actually an online Makeup School which he later expanded and started making own cosmetic production .All the products that are manufactured by his company beauty Subscription Company are said to be cruelty free and vegan.

Apart from all those business he has opened his own production company called 'Dhar Mann Studios' in 2018 which produces inspirational videos .He is one of the most influencial person who inspires people to take a right decision through his videos .

Personal Life of Dhar Mann .Is Dhar Mann married /know about his beautiful life partner and his newly born daughter .

36 Years old Dhar Mann is a successful Businessman but apart from his business he is a good father ,husband and loving son to his parents, He has a good family bonding and is able to make his family happy .

He is engaged with a beautiful lady Laura G .Laura G is his business partner for three years and they are successfully carriying their business forward and has become the best example for everyone .Laura G and Dhar Mann are nowadays enjoying their Fatherhood and motherhood with her newly born daughter Ella Rose.

Net worth of Dhar Mann .Know how much does Dhar Mann earn

He has an estimated net worth of $150 million .His videos are noe of the highest watched videos in the internet which contains inspirational content. During these days in 2020 ,he has 3 million subscribers .

Social medias of Dhar Mann.

He seems active in most of the social medias .He publishes his inspirational videos in his youtube channel and on his social profiles .We can see him in Facebook ,Instragram, twitter ,linkdin etc.


He has 2.9 m followers on instragram .

To view his post and photos you can follow him on https://www.instagram.com/dhar.mann/?hl=en

To view his videos you can follow on https://www.instagram.com/dharmannstudios/?hl=en


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