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Thursday 16th November 2017


People's perspective on their career is different. They think differently. Some just want to focus and concentrate while some want to broaden their mind not just being involved in one thing but by doing different things and utilizing their mind in a different way. Here, we will introduce you to such a person who is known among the people for his different profession.
One of the famous American Personality, Danny Fuller is a Pipeline surfer, model, photographer, and independent filmmaker. He also can be taken as an example for today's generation who just get frustrated within one failure. He proved that in our life, for the things we desire, we should go ahead by motivating ourself and it's sure we will achieve it one day.
There is no any doubt that he is a failure in his professional life but what about his personal life?

Is he successful in his personal life as he is in his professional life? Is he married or dating someone? Who's the luckiest girl? Or Is he gay? And more facts like age, height, weight and net worth.

Like this and more information related to him let's continue reading until the end.

Early life

Danny Fuller, a Pipeline surfer, model, photographer, and independent filmmaker, born on February 15, 1982, in Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii, USA is currently at the age of 35. There is no any information available related to his parents and siblings but in an interview about his family, he states that- "No. I don’t know where that statement first got misunderstood, but my dad lived on Maui and was never really a part of my life. My sister and I were raised by my mother and my uncles on Kauai. My uncles were all surfers and would always take us to the beach growing up when my mom was working and raising two kids as a single parent".
An American pipeline surfer, Danny, sets his foot on the surfboard for the first when he was just at the age of 5. In 1992, when he was just at the age of 10, he was sponsored to compete on a national level.

Education and Career

Danny doesn't want to talk about his education. However, his records in an American history and his career clarify how much talent he is. Just at the age of 11, when most of us were still working on our duck-dives and busy measuring our spray, He was getting deftly pitted. At the age of 15, he moved from his native Kauai to the North Shore of Oahu, to make his mark on the massive barrels of the world-renowned Banzai Pipeline. He just fell for the place and he describes it in an interview as- “I fell in love with the place and wanted to become one of the standouts there,”

Personal life

On moving towards his personal life he got married to his girlfriend, Tori Praver, a model and swimwear designer whom he met on his first trip. They got engaged and they set a date of October 5, 2013, for their wedding. Now Danny And Tori are the parents of two children. About his fatherhood he states that-"Being a father has been the best chapter of my life and I feel like everything I experienced in life before this prepared me for it. It’s a lot of work, but at the same time, it pushes you to make the best of every day and feed your full potential—whatever it is you’re doing. It’s inspiring, but I don’t think it’s really changed my priorities with art or surfing. I wish I still had the freethinking of a child".
Despite being professionally in the different medium the couples understand each other very much.
"With the four careers we have to go, it can be pretty hectic at times, but we help each other out as much as we can. We have a really full schedule and things are always changing, but we keep it together and find inspiration in each other. To see what she’s achieved with her swimwear line is absolutely incredible"- He states in an interview.
Danny has an attractive physical structure with a height of 6 feet 1 inch and a weight of 79 kg. WIth his talent skills and good behaviour he had made himself rich and his net-worth is estimated to be $15 million. He not only earns money but he wons million's of hearts and make his fans crazy for him.

Awards and Achievements

There is no any information provided about his nomination on any awards but we are trying to be updated about it. As soon as we get any information related to him we will include and publish it on our site so it will be easy for you to get complete information about him.

Filmography and Television series

Danny Fuller, about his career on modelling, He states that-"It was quite random. I was living on the North Shore at the time and people were always coming there for shoots. I was asked a few times to stand in on editorials or in backgrounds and whatnot, and then did a show called “The Boarding House” that aired on WB. After that, I was returning home from the best surf experience of my life in Tahiti when my friend, Joel Tudor, convinced me to come visit him in New York first. I ended up staying there for a while and got connected with an agent. That was the start of the modelling".

Social network sites

Danny Fuller is active on social media. He loves to be in connection with his fans and followers and share his views and photos with him. To stay connected with him and be updated about the events happening in his life you can follow him on the social media. He had almost 31.3K followers on Instagram.
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