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Thursday 21st December 2017 colombian actor

Daniel Enrique Arenas Consuegra, better known by his stage name of Daniel Arenas is a Columbian player, an actor as well as a TV personality who has played in many movies as well. He was born on the 30th of March, 1979 in Bucaramanga, Colombia as the son of a doctor father. Born as the youngest of 6 kids in a middle-class family of Portuguese ethnicity, he had a dream of becoming an actor since a young age. Pursuing that dream, he started to work as a model and went in the United States where he studied acting and spent his early days as a theatre actor. He has been actively working as an actor since the mid of 2000 and is still very energetic about his work; as he has received many awards and nominations.

With decent characteristics, appealing charm and body and a popularity, which he has earned from his hard work, there are a lot of women who want to be with Daniel; as his girlfriend or wife. But it looks like he hasn’t found anyone whom he is interested in; as there is not much to discuss his dating life and romance in the media. In his late 30s now, he doesn’t seem to be married and it looks like he doesn’t have any such plans as there is no sort of fact which gives us any idea who has he been dating. With rumors about him being sexually gay spread in the media; he has also been linked to actress Ana Brenda Contreras. With no confirmation on that news, his fans are eager to find out the truth about their favorite actor.

Daniel is a hardworking and equally talented actor, who has got a sense of style about him. He is known for his charming personality and also a very attractive face and body, and is considered to be very hot by his fans; especially female admirers. Having exposed his well-shaped body on a couple of occasions, you can find some of his shirtless pictures in the media. He seems to have a pretty well-shaped physique; his muscular body with a set of abs, wide chest and id biceps. With a height that measures 6 feet tall, his body weight was 87 kg when last recorded in 2015 and he hasn’t changed a great deal since then. Observations from those shirtless pictures of his show that he doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings on his body.

With his involvement in the showbiz reaching the 12th year in 2016, he has been quite popular in and around Columbia, Mexico, and other Spanish speaking countries. Apart from that, some of his work has also been translated into English and other languages, as his fan following, has gone international in such short time. This can be verified as you look into his Twitter account, where he has got more than 400 K followers. The numbers are similar to his Instagram account and his fans have also searched and read his quotes and biography in sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. It is obvious that with his increasing fame, he has also accumulated a lot of net worth, although the exact numbers are not yet available.

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