Colin Morgan dating or gay, girlfriend, net worth, wiki

Thursday 21st December 2017 film television theatre and radio actor

He is a pure gentleman and a class act altogether. His portrayals in TV shows and movies have been of highest orders and people love and respect him for that. His work is loved and admired by millions and people want to learn some serious acting lessons from him. He is a very good-looking man as well and this boosts his female fan following as well. From the year 2008 to the year 2012, he appeared in a TV series called Merlin and this show of his took his fame to a whole new level.

His work in a 2014 movie called Testament of Youth has been amazing too. The audience, as well as the critics, warmly took his work in a 2015 blockbuster movie called Legend. He will keep on impressing the audience in the future and his fans will love him more. He is none other than the amazing Colin Morgan.

He was born in the year 1986 on 1stĀ of January and this makes his age 30 at this time. He was born in a place called Armagh, which lies in the United Kingdom. His nationality is Northern Irish and British. His ethnicity also has to be Irish but it is not official at this time. He has a sibling too and his name is Neil Morgan. The names of his parents are Bernard Morgan and Bernie Morgan and they must be very proud of their son and his achievements.

It does not seem like he is active at all on popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram. This also means he is not fond of uploading his pictures to those sites to share them with his fans and loved ones. However, it would be great if he uses those sites as they have a lot of benefits for actors and actresses. He might be very busy to use those sites as well.

He has been very successful in his career and this has given him great earnings and a wonderful net worth. According to some sources, he has a jaw-dropping net worth of $1.5 million dollars and this proves how successful he has been. It is all his hard work, passion and dedication that have made him this successful today. There are several popular wiki sites that contain information on him and his biography.

He is not married right now and this means he does not have a wife too. He is not gay as he is in a relationship with his girlfriend right now. According to some sources, he is currently dating his girlfriend Katie McGrath and the couple is going very strong with their relationship. The couple started dating from the year 2010 and this proves how strong their bond it. The couple might soon decide to convert their relationship to a new level and get married. Katie is really lucky to have him, as he is a successful and a very humble man.

He is a tall man as his height is an amazing 6 feet. He looks very decent when he goes shirtless.

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