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Monday 5th February 2018


Carel Struycken, a Dutch actor who is known for his works in movies. TVand theaters. Struycken is well known for his unusual height of seven feet, which has played a major role in his career. People recognize him for his role in a mystery drama series ‘Twin Peaks’ as the Giant. The show was able to grab the audience’s attention and also won several Emmy Awards.

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Early life

Struycken born on 30th July 1948 in The Hague, the Netherlands is currently at the age of 69. He belongs to German ethnicity. Struycken, along with his family members moved to Curacao, an island in the Caribbean when he was four. Later, at the age of sixteen, he returned to his home country. His has one elder brother Peter Struycken well known as an artist.

Education and Career

Struycken returned to his country at the age of 16 where he finished his high school. After that, he attended the film school in Amsterdam, where he studied directing. He went to Los Angles when he was young where he studied at the American Film Institute for a year.

Personal life

Struycken has a net worth of around $3 million dollars. He married an American woman who gave him two children very precious to him. He has a keen interest in gardening and photography. Sources do not have any detailed information about his personal life about how charming or playful he was. Neither anyone knows about the list of women he was dating and also no one has ever raised a question about he being a gay or not despite the fact that he was seen with women very less.

Awards and Achievements

Struycken played a supporting role in hit sci-fi action film ‘Men in Black’. The movie was nominated for Oscars, out of which it one of them. He is well known for the TV series ‘Twin Peaks’ which won multiple Emmys, Golden Globes and also a Grammy Award.

Filmography and Television series

Struycken appeared in almost 31 films, 10 television series and 2 music videos. He is well known for the mystery drama TV series ‘Twin Peaks’ where he played the role of the Giant. He appeared in many feature films and TV series over the past decades. Many of his roles are non-speaking and giant mostly because of his height and appearance.

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Social network sites

After being a very popular actor Carel Struycken seems to be passive in the social media. But Struycken has his own website for spherical panoramic photographs which allows the viewer to look in any direction standing in the center of a sphere.
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