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Do you know about famous actor Andre Holland? Know about his age and net worth.

Andre Holland is the actor with a mischievous smile that can melt anyone’s heart. Andre has achieved huge success at such a young age. Andre Holland is an American actor known for his notable roles in TV series and movies. He gained popularity for his role as Matt Filler in the TV Series “American Horror Story: Roanoke”. He is also known for his role as Andrew Young in the movie Selma. Andre is well appreciated for his role as Dr Algernon Edwards in The Knick. Andre started acting at the age of 11 when he acted in a theatre play and moved to bigger roles. His famous play was Othello which was shown at Shakespeare’s Globe.


Andre Holland early life. What is his current age?

Andre was born in December 1978. He is at the age of 38 to date. He hails from Bessemer, Alabama, USA. Andre was interested in acting from early childhood. He performed in a play called Oliver at the tender age of 11 in Birmingham Summerfest Theatre. He started his studies by attending Carroll Catholic High School. He graduated from Florida State University. He completed Master of Fine Arts from New York University at the age of 28 in 2006.   

Caption: Andre Holland looks handsome at the age of 38


Andre Holland path towards his success.

Andre started his acting career in theatres. He had done many plays in a theatre like The Brother/Sister plays, August Wilson, Othello. He had played in one of the famous play “Othello” which polished his acting skills. Andre played a vital role in Othello which was shown in the famous Shakespeare’s Globe. After doing some work in theatre, Andre received an offer in films and TV series. He played the role of Julian in the TV series Friends with Benefits. The charming actor with a height of 5 feet 9 inch took up a serious role of Dr Algernon Edwards in the drama series The Knick. Andre’s role of a doctor who helps patients at his small clinic who are not able to go to the hospital was worth watching in The Knick. The Knick was a medical drama set in the 20th century where Andre played a black doctor struggling to maintain his position among white staff members.

 Andre again went on to play the role of a black man in Selma. Selma was a historical and political drama where he essayed the role of a diplomat Andrew Young who was confident of Martin Luther King Jr in real life. The role of Andrew Young in Selma was worth praising as Andre fit into the role so well. After playing serious roles, Andre played a dark character in the TV series American Horror Story: Roanoke. The American Horror Story: Roanoke is the sixth series of American Horror Story where Andre played the role of Matt Miller who experiences paranormal activity in their new home in Roanoke Colony.

Andre work as an actor was well recognized when his movie “Moonlight” was nominated for Oscar in 2017. The film won Best Picture Award in Oscar whereas Andre’s role Of Barry Jenkins attracted critical acclaim. Andre won several awards for this movie. Andre has been busy on many projects including Widows releasing in 2018.  

Caption: Andre Holland with a height  of 5 feet and 9 inch


Know about Andre personal life. What is his net worth?

Andre is the dream of many girls. The actor with an attractive height has made many heads turn back in streets but there is little information about the girl who has taken Andre’s heart. The actor 38 of age is single for now. Andre has kept his personal life private and little is known about his girlfriends. Andre updates his twitter account but he has not mentioned about his relationship in the post. Andre has net worth accumulating to 65 million dollars to date. Andre has worked very hard in order to reach the amount of net worth gained so far. He has done full justice to his acting career so far.


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Andre Holland is active on social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Andre has about thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To know about his daily life, follow Andre on social media.

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