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Sunday 5th July 2020

Do you know a instragram star  Anastasiya Knyazeva ?

Anastasiya Knyazeva is a famous Instagram model that is born on June 30, 2011, in Russia. She is a Russian child model. She has earned her fame from the title  “the most beautiful girl in the world” in 2017. she was active on Instagram from 2015 which is run by her mother Anna. Her mother Anna is an economist and her father works in the car industry. Her family is not from the modeling field nor from any fashion industry. She has a brother named Artemis who is 7 years older than Anastasiya.

know about Anastasiya Knyazeva's education and hobbies.

Although she is a star who has earned fame all over the world, she still behaves as an ordinary kid. She attends a public school and enjoys her school life. She shows her interest in dancing and has a passion for singing so we may assume that one day she can be a popular singer too. she enjoys learning English classes.
Anastasiya Knyazeva career :
she started her modeling career when she was only 2.5 years old. Many advertisement companies were attracted to her and many brands fell in love with her. Although she was a kid she was totally comfortable with the camera and was able to give a natural act in front of the camera.due to her attractive looks and friendly act in front of the camera she was able to become popular in just 4 years old. The cute little girl has worked with many clothing brands including Chobi Kids, Kenguru, and Kia Motors. She also works as a co-host on TV shows and has acted in movies.

How does Anastasiya Knyazeva looks like?

Nine years old  Anastasiya Knyazeva has long brown hair. Her deep blue charming eyes can make anyone love her and can't stop talking about her. Her face always reminds us of an angel and she absolutely looks like a fairy which has won the hearts of many people. She is named as the “the most beautiful girl in the world” in 2017 and in  2018, Anastasiya was ranked on  5th, on the list of the most beautiful children in the world, according to L’Officiel.

Active Social media of Anastasiya Knyazeva :

we can see her active on Instagram since 2015. Her mother runs her Instagram page to promote her modeling career and has 1.3M followers on her Instagram.
 Check out her official Instagram on

We can also see her active on Facebook with many fan followings.
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