About us

After the completion of our engineering courses ,we three friends planned to built a small website. Our main reason behind it was that it could be more beneficial for users from whole around the world. Huntpoll, is the website through which we can get the actual facts and true information about the things which we really want to know. In spite of this, users can ask their questions and also can express their views and thoughts through comment sections. Therefore, our main objective is to connect the people around the world and share their informations, feelings, services and so on. Furthermore, we are trying to include more advanced features so it will be more helpful for users. On upcoming days we will try our best to make more effortless for the users so that it will be more effective and efficient .We hope we will get enough support and inspiration from our users so that we will be able to continue this site. We kindly request for your comments about our contents and will appreciate as well as. Thank you for opening the site and knowing about us.