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Sunday 11th June 2017 aaron kaufman american mechanic and fabricator richard rawlings lauren moore knob 'fast n'loud'

Early life

.Aaron Kaufman was born on January 26, 1982, in Texas, United States of America. He spent most of his childhood days in Crowley, Texas. Information about his childhood days and parents are not much available. It is still unknown whether he has siblings or not. From his childhood days, he had a keen interest towards cars.

Education and Career

Aaron Kaufman did not go to college to study mechanical engineering or anything related to cars.His passion for cars has led him to where he is right now.He didn't want to just be good at what he did, but he wanted to be the best at it and his this behavior lead him to a success.
His passion and determinants towards his work finally got a place when he was first noticed by Richard Rawlings. Once, Richard went to a local car shop where Aaron used to work.Richard was in need of someone who could drive his '53 Ford Mainline. For this purpose, Richard asked that he want the best worker. And the work was given to Aaron. By seeing Aaron's passion and pride towards the work he really got impressed and this stuck in Richard's mind.Years later, Richard opened Gas Monkey Garage. When Richard started working for Gas Monkey Garage, he remembered Aaron's determination and passion and he asked Aaron to work with him on his next project. Aaron Kaufman started working with Richard Rawlings in Fast N' Loud airing on Discovery Channel on June 6, 2012. The show presents Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings as the proprietors of the Gas Monkey Garage, situated in Dallas. In 2011, Aaron opened his own shop 'Main Street Shop'.

Personal life

. There is not much information provided about his personal life but we are hoping that he will reveal about his personal life as well as.With the information that we got about him, it is not unfair to tell that he is involved more in professional life than a personal life.
Aaron Kaufman holds the American Nationality with 5 feet 7 inches height.His attractive personality and talent have been recognized by many peoples. His talent brought him fame and recognition and there is no any doubt that his fans want to know about his personal life.
About this relationship, it is known that he shared romantic relationships with two ladies.There was someone with whom Aaron once was in love.Lindsay J. is known to be the person with whom Aaron was much closest previously and he shared his personal life.Aaron and Lindsay dated for about three and a half years but they could not continue their relationship and make it last longing. After being in a relationship for about three and half years the couple ended it and parted ways before they could share a relationship with a husband and wife. Reasons for their breakups was not available anywhere but may be their diverse personality is the reason for the breakup.
Aaron Kaufman is currently dating girlfriend Lauren Moore Knob.They began dating since 2013. It also has been heard that they are planning to turn their love relationship into a marriage.
He has a net worth of 6 Million.

Awards and Achievements

. Aaron Kaufman, a hard working, talented and determined person for his work is mainly known for his appearance as one of the member of the reality Discovery Channel Series called 'Fast N'Loud'. He is one of the most successful mechanics in Texas and also in the whole United States. His hard work has paid him a huge recognition and multiple prestigious awards. In the year 2015, he was awarded as a 'Top 25 Young Event Professionals' by special event magazine. Along with this, he was also recognized as the President of Toronto Chapter of International Special Events Society.

Filmography and Television series

Aaron Kaufman with Richard Rowling was presented on a reality show called FAST N LOUD on Discovery channel. The show is all about the daily activities of Gas Monkey Garage, which deals in restoring classic cars. Aaron Kaufman is famous for finishing his restorations at very fast speeds. This impresses his fans all over the world because of his incredible skills.

Social network sites

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