A seismic tremor was felt by inhabitants of Kathmandu at around 2:23 am on Wednesday.

Wednesday 21st February 2018 nepal news

A sudden jolt accompanied by a crackling commotion at the later quarters of the night woke numerous individuals up from their rest.

As per the National Seismological Center, the 3.6 greatness (ML) earthquake with its epicenter in Kathmandu caused the tremor. This is an aftershock of the massive Gorkha quake that hit Nepal in 2015, as per the seismological focus.

Caption: Condition of Nepal after earthquake in 2015

Photo Credit: newzsocial.com

Individuals soon took to online networking to affirm and to share their encounters of the late night shake. Meanwhile, numerous seismic movement related sites have been frightened and are currently following the event.

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